Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lost and found

Thank you Mythopolis...I am borrowing your title :)
Hopefully you do not mind...

It is the strangest feeling I have had for some time now.
I have a beautiful house here in Florida, but I feel almost homeless.
I do not mean any disrespect for the poor people in our world that are literally homeless. I have so much good and happiness in my life that my basket is (proverbially) overflowing. I often wish that I could help these people more. I read a phenomenal book called "Same Kind of Different as Me" recently, and it really hit a chord in my heart. I hope to some day be as selfless and helpful as the main person in this book is. Read it, it is worth it!

Sorry, I strayed from my point.
I feel a little lost because we still have no idea where our actual home will be. I am in my "house", and it is wonderful. The weather is beautiful. The breeze off the water is constant and refreshing. The sun shines every day and it makes me smile.
But I can't help but feel like this is vacation.

My true home is always where my heart is, and that is with my family. It doesn't matter if it is here in Florida or in some far flung destination. My home is where we spend our time together, learn from each other, help each other grow in many ways.
I hope we find out soon. It is really becoming quite difficult for me to not have something to grasp on to. I am usually the one in our family that lives for the moment...enjoying the beautiful skies and flowers around me, gazing at the sea and enjoying the unreal colors.
But now, I need the future to be determined. I need my mind to have something to work towards. I want to look to the future and be able to see where we are heading. For once in my life, I am trying to plan!!


mythopolis said...

I think when one has children, one thinks more about plans and structure. I know I did, when my children were coming up. Before kids, I was practically a drifter. With kids, my focus on so much changed. Roots became own past roots, and roots on into the future of my children.

BLOGitse said...

I know what you mean. Waiting for unknown can be hard. You know you're going but when and where itches you until you KNOW.
Have a great day anyway! :)


Jodi said...


Thank you for recommending Same Kind of Different as Me on your blog! I work with Thomas Nelson, and we would love to follow your blog and hear what readers think of this moving book. I also want to let you know that Ron and Denver have just released a new book What Difference Do It Make? which updates readers on their activity since the first book came out. Please contact me with your mailing address if you are interested in receiving a complimentary copy of the new book for review on your site at your convenience.


Jodi Hughes

Scriber's Web said...

I will have to check out the book. I totally understand your need to know what future holds. With kids, schools etc are so so important. And we all need some kind of roots:)

Keep us posted!

Fabiola said...

I've been thinking of you these past few days. I was wondering how things were going.

I am praying that the plan is soon revelead ; )

NicoleB, Egypt said...

I too, know exactly what you mean.
I feel like a hamster in a wheel since two weeks.
Turning and turning.
For you it's even since longer.
Best wishes to you, hope it settles and solves soon!

Lucy said...

My heavens, that is a lot of uncertainty! I assume they plan to let you know very soon so that you can have your things moved before the school year starts, right? I am anxious to know where you end up, though I'm sure you're a million times more anxious! Good luck!

PJ said...

Love that book. There's a sequel. I have an extra copy of the sequel. "What Difference Do It Make."

As women we are nest-builders. We make everyone comfortable and keep them safe. The uncertainty is absolutely nerve-wracking!!!

Praying that it resolves for you soon!!