Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tooth fairy luck (again)

So, it seems like fate should have it that once again, our girl, The Tooth Fairy, has come through again.
See Tooth Fairy Troubles for our last incident and read on for our next....

Scene: Mom goes to school to help daughter with broken wrist carry her backpack down the endless flights of steps the school has.... script follows:

Daughter: Look Mom!

Mom looks at daughter's empty space in her mouth where her tooth once occupied, acts excited

Mom: Wow, daughter, it finally fell out! Yea! Where is it?

Daughter looks way too sad, Mom wonders if fate has happened again....

Teacher: Well, we seem to have lost it down the drain or somewhere near the sink...
Daughter: Yea, it just fell right down the sink. I don't know what to do now.
Mom: Don't worry, we'll write a note just like Son did when we lost his.

Mom is not quite believing that this is really happening again....wondering if this happens to others, knowing the answer is yes, but Mom doesn't remember ever having to write a note to the Tooth Fairy...

Note as follows: (spelling is very good in this note as opposed to Son's because Mom had to write it since Daughter's wrist is broken)

Dear Tooth Fairy
I lost my tooth in the sink. Can you look for it?
Thank you Tooth Fairy, Daughter

Well, don't you know, that Tooth Fairy came through again. Mom guesses her bell rang again, and she came through for Daughter, just as she did for Son....
Note as follows:

Dear Daughter
No worries, for I have found your tooth..
The sink had it in its pipes...
It is now with my collection of teeth!
Keep brushing, The Tooth Fairy

Boy, what would Mom do if this Tooth Fairy wasn't so clever???


Marina said...

you did what any mother would of done. we haven't lost a tooth yet but, we have one on its way out and if he does lose it I will no just what to say and do ")

thanks for the commet on my knew look but I really need to learn how to change it like you do b/c us girls are always changing just like shoes , have a nice day , marina

ann said...

The Tooth Fairy is VERY forgetful at our house...she forgot three nights in a row once when Owen lost a tooth!

Fabiola said...

This Tooth Fairy is way to clever.
In Brazil, there is not such "figure". We have a little mouse which comes and takes it to its collection.


"MoodyBlue" Jodi said...

You are very clever indeed!!
Have a great day
Jodi :)