Sunday, June 22, 2008

home for almost 2 days then...

Hi everyone!
We are back from the northern was beautiful!  We had a great family vacation....there is so much to write about but as you can see by my title, I only have a day and a half before I am off the the US!!!!

We got into our house at about 5 Saturday night....and my grays were showing a little too much, so off I went to the salon at 6.
Little did I know that it would take 4 HOURS to complete my hair!  AGH, I do not have that kind of time right now....nor was my stomach too happy!
I don't ever know what happens with our hair dresser (our being Gabriela and me) We always end up spending way too much money on this treatment and that rinse and spending HOURS in the salon.  It looks good, but....

Then there is the washing and repacking which is what I started last night and continue on with today.  Not too bad because it was only a week, but it is all the same clothes that we will need in the US.  Luckily the weather is dreary here today so there isn't the temptation to go outside and enjoy the day!

Finally there is:


This list is never ending.  As soon as I return from the US from a trip, start to unpack, I realize that there is something that I forgot or just realize that I, or someone in my family, "needs".
There is a piece of paper magnetized to the refrigerator that I write on as things come to mind.  Then, on a day like today, (aka, the day before I leave)
I put it into the computer, sectioned off for places to buy the item, like Target, Costco, Best Buy or just a general section,
and I print it out on the computer.
Now, my list always has a few of the same products every year, such as, 
(ok, don't laugh)
Tide, (yes there is plenty of detergents here, but they are just not the same as my Tide!)
Toilet paper, you know, the "squeezably soft Charmin" me on this one, t.p. has a whole new meaning in your mind when you have to use the paper that feels like the sand paper that we used in high school art class to make our own frames!
Paper towels, once again, they just do not have the same type here!  The ones you find here seem to melt as quick as snow on a sunny day, leaving small annoying pieces stuck on your fingers.

Then there are the usual treats....
Honey Nut Cheerios, Nestle chocolate chips (in so many flavors now!), Peanut butter, disinfectant wipes, some candy for the kids, (ha, don't believe that "for the kids" part), Goldfish, pretzels (which you just can not find here nor in Venezuela!) ((and I am a Snyder's hard pretzel girl....I grew up loving
pretzels....pretzel rods, pretzel nuggets, the big hard type, AH, I just can't wait!))

Well, I could go on and on, but I think you get the jist....
the US list is something that we expats (or at least a few that I know of)
are never without!

I will post more next week on our vacation to Salvador and all the goings on in the US!


Anonymous said...

You must have to pack an empty suitcase to take all that stuff back with you!

Do you have other people send you stuff when you run out?

Fabiola said...

Dear BG,

I am glad you had a nice time up there. I am suspicious to tell anything about Salvador, because I lived there for 4,5 years and I DIDN´T like nor did my husband. But I am sure that to visit, is a great place. I hope you had tried acaraj√© and cocada. Those are my favorite foods from there.
Have a safe trip back home,


Marina said...

I know what you mean I love my Charmin and I can tell the difference!! a must have :)!!
I am gald you will be in the states for awhile home at least and getting all you shoping done.
please post while you are in the states and let us know how you are doing.
Cielo, had a big garden party so many people to go and see there lovely gradens I am sure you will enjoy your vist over there and so many pretty roses.take care and safe travel.marina

PJ said...

I know what you mean about U.S. products--and the toilet I ever remember that stuff they have in S.A.!!! But that's a lot of space in a suitcase!! You'll have to leave all your clothes here to get it all back! And traveling with two kids!!! You are one brave woman!!!