Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Brazilian Valentine's Day!

Brazil, home too many cultural ethnic groups celebrates every festival in an extravagant way and Valentine’s Day in Brazil is no less than a mega social event. Gala carnivals and parades are an inherent part of this South American country which is diversified into various regions uniquely displaying the colorful historical heritage of the country. Though Valentine’s Day traditions in Brazil, are marked by a difference as in Brazil they celebrate 'Lovers Day' on June 12th, the eve of Saint Anthony's who is believed to bless people with good marriages and young couples thus celebrate their love in the same way as other people do in other parts of the world.
Valentine’s Day celebrations in Brazil is known as "Dia dos Namorados" when young lovers exchange gifts. Like other countries, people look forward the day with anticipation, for it ushers in an ambience of joy, happiness and gala celebrations every where. All over the country, hectic arrangements are marked to make this occasion a lot more special and eventful. Valentine’s Day festival in Brazil features the colorful samba dance, and lives performances by popular rock bands and singers. 

Hello my friends, this excerpt above was taken from a random info page on Brazilian Valentine's Day....
Just wanted to wish all my friends a life full of love because I feel that love is the center of my world!


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Marina said...

Can't wait to see your new look and if Cielo is helping you I am sure it well be pretty she has good taste.
I wish you my friend a Very Happy Valentin's day may you be bless with love today and always.hugs,marina