Monday, March 5, 2012

Melting away

The days are staying light longer, the air is slightly warming up...
so that must be Spring knocking on our door!

The weather always amazes me here. At this time of year it is constantly changing. By no means is winter completely over. There is still snow on the ground.
Just the other day, ALL of the roads and sidewalks were covered by a thick sheet of ice. It was treacherous to walk or drive on. I left my house to take my children lunch at their school, and it was like an ice rink.
Then by about 1:30 pm, as I was returning home, it was all melting away.
Yesterday we went out in just a fleece. Granted, the tennis court is close by!

I guess our blood has thickened over this past year and a half we have been here. It certainly had to make an adjustment from the tropical temps we lived in prior!

So the countdown begins...
~2 weeks until our Spring Break trip to Spain
~4 weeks, approximately, until the snow melts, we are able to see the river flow again, and the flowers and trees start their beautiful blooming cycle.
~5 weeks until I return to the warm weather of our house to oversee some of the construction of our addition!
~12 weeks until summer break and going to see Roland Garros, the French Open!!

Exciting times are ahead...
Spring, my favorite season that brings new hope and gorgeous days!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures B.G. Have I mentioned how lucky that guy in your life must be...

Spring is around the corner.

Surfer Dude

Fabiola said...

I love the pictures.
And..... if I decided to go to France with Paulo (if he goes), we must try to get together in Paris ; )

kari said...

I'm ready for Spring, I've had enough of the cold and wearing of layers....I can't wait!
looks like you have the whole year planned out...