Thursday, March 15, 2012

Adventures coming soon...

The children leave tomorrow for Space Camp!
What a cool childhood they have. These experiences are amazing and something that most children never even realize are out there.
We are very happy and proud that we can provide them with these opportunities and hope that they will one day realize what an amazing childhood they are having.

We are also on a countdown to Spain.
4.5 days and we are out of here. I need it. I need to remove myself from the drama that seems to encompass everyday life on a camp!

Spain should be wonderful. The weather seems to be in the high 60's F, sunny. We are traveling to many different cities, never staying in one more than 3 days!
The new iPad comes out in Spain while we are there...and if I have the luck to get one (since mine smashed from falling flat on it's face!) then I will try to post.
If not, then I will have to catch up with everyone on my return in a few weeks!
Happy Spring!


mythopolis said...

Sounds like wonderful times ahead! I will enjoy hearing about your experiences. Kids ought to have a blast at space camp! I'm jealous....they didn't have space camps when I was a kid!!

Jennifer Souza said...

I hope you make it to Barcelona. It's so beautiful, and I never felt safer in any city.

kari said...

you're so right our children have such amazing opportunities!
I think I'm feeling the same right's time to get out of here....even if it is just for a little. I'm ready for a break and some sun!!

Fabiola said...

Travel safe my friend!!
I will try to write you before you leave. I am at my parents witha really colicky (sp?) baby.