Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back again, home sweet home

We had a long journey, but we made it safely and are now enjoying our beautiful home again.

We stayed in a great hotel right in the Zurich airport. Check out this cool floor to ceiling wine...well, wine holder, for lack of a better word.

The weather has been beautiful with the sun kissing our cheeks and the air keeping us cool.

We had a couple visit us already that we knew in Maracaibo, Venezuela. They happened to be in the US visiting some other friends. they stayed with us for two days, which was a great way to share our house with them.

This week, we are waiting for some furniture deliveries from our storage of goods from Rio being held in Houston and outdoor furniture we purchased from Restoration Hardware.

Ah...eating my favorite cereal, Special K, with fresh fruits has been wonderful.

Check out this cute car we rented. It is a Kia orange, love that for the summery days here in Key West!

This has been a random thoughts being put in any order post but...
Life is is nice to be back!


Betty said...

Enjoy your time home. I´m sure you are, and it´s extra special after being away for so long.
P.S. The word verification is "fishin". You doing that too?

Anonymous said...

That sunset picture is amazing... What a lucky gall you are.

I wish I could visit you in your KW house some time soon... I guess first things first, would you consider inviting me, first?

Any good surfing in that part of the world?

Surfer Dude!!

mythopolis said...

Welcome back! Hope you've stocked up on sun-blocker!!! : )

Beverlydru said...

I am so happy you stopped by. I've been keeping up with many of blogging buddies via FB lately but since we aren't connected there, I've missed reading about your never-boring life. For the record - your blog is NEVER boring. Fabulous photgraphy, fascinating travel, ex-pat tales and so much more. Enjoy the sun & fun in Key West. said...

Hey Sis,
(( Hugz )) Welcome back, sounds like you had a wonderful time. hey by the way I love that same cereal lol. Thanks for stopping by to visit me, I have missed you. I just started blogging again finally got the strength to do things since my surgery. You are always a blessing and encouragement to me. :P

Luv Ya Lorie

BLOGitse said...

Oh, you lucky girl! Enjoy!
I'm back from Italy. Here in Helsinki we had a two week heatwave but not it's grey and quite pleasant... :)

Stickup Artist said...

I am stunned and amazed by the view from your home! What a difference from the desert views you had previously. I'm sure it makes you enjoy and appreciate it all the more. I can almost feel the ocean breeze and warm orange glow on this grey and sullen morning at the base of a California mountain...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful view! LOVE the orange Kia! That is my favourite colour for that type of vehicle. No one drives anything like that around here!