Sunday, April 17, 2011

#4 On the way to pick up our son in Leysin, Switzerland

We left Genoa after taking a few rooftop pictures from our hotel on this sunny, glorious day.

Once again, the magnificent views of the Alps, the roadside towns and churches and the green pastures surrounded us.

We stopped at a lake town called Lago Maggiore for lunch.

It was definitely low season seeing as the first restaurant we stopped at was not even open for another few days; and the town square we found had only a few locals lunching with us. I loved the little stores with these spices and Pinnochio's!

They even had a tea named after my Father :)

Once again, I can not stress enough the beauty of every turn we drove around. We were very lucky to have such beautiful weather, also!
As we climbed the mountain road, which is sometimes closed to traffic because of weather related issues, we found ourselves at the tippy top of the peaks of the Alps. The air was so fresh, crisp and clean. This was a nice refresher from the smoky, pollution filled smells we have around our camp in Atyrau! The snow was glistening....

and check out these ski tracks?! They either hiked up this mountain to ski down, or they were dropped from a helicopter and then started their descent. Either way, it was quite impressive!
As we reached our next stop in picking up our son at his camp, (and spending the night there), we felt like the luckiest people to have this opportunity to be surrounded by pure, natural beauty and how lucky these people were to live amongst it every day of their lives!

Funny google maps driving notes:
We took our driving directions from google maps, and at one point it said, board train?
What, board train with a car?! Yup...that was what we were supposed to do. This is where we started climbing the mountain road that is often closed due to weather conditions. So, for those that need to take their car to the other side of the mountain during these times, they have "car" trains...kinda like a ferry where you can take your car across a river!
We were so glad we didn't follow the directions!


mythopolis said...

Wonderful vistas! So much to see everywhere! I hope your son had a great time there!

Mary said...

Your photos are lovely. I thought the information about the train was fascinating. It must be wonderful to live in such close proximity to such sites. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

Betty said...

You are very lucky to have seen so much. Stunning scenery indeed!

Stickup Artist said...

Very beautiful sites! My grandparents on my father's side are from Genoa. Don't you just love it when you are in a place where there is snow, yet you can still wear a t-shirt.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Look at those slopes!! I could never even master the bunny slopes much less a slope like that. Everything is so beautiful BG. Look forward to hearing about the rest of the ride to pick up son. :)

Nicole said...

So beautiful there!