Thursday, April 7, 2011

#2, Drive to Marseille and Genoa

After we left Istanbul, we flew to Geneva, Switzerland, rented a car and drove the first day to Marseille, France.
How about these views of the Alps from the plane?

On the way there, it was recommended to us to stop at Gorges du Fier.
(remember to click on the italicized words to reach the site on the web!)

This was a beautiful stop for us. It was just my daughter, husband and I, since our son was still at his camp. The rain was coming down when we landed in Geneva. Luckily, by the time we made it to the Gorge, the sun was shining brightly. We were ready to explore!

Here, can you see faces in the rocks?

There was a footbridge built so that we could enjoy the rushing sounds of the water and the natural beauty of Mother Nature.

We left after exploring for a little while, to continue our drive to Marseille, France. It was only a stop over for the night. We found the hotel and went looking for dinner. The city itself felt a little gritty to me. It was not as beautiful as I expected, though in all fairness, we didn't explore it that much.

Next day came and we were on the part of the drive that my husband was waiting for...along the Southern coast of France and Italy...passing through, Nice, Cannes, Monaco, San Remo and finally arriving to Genoa, Italy.

Let's just say that this drive delivered! It was so beautiful in so many ways.
The seaside resorts, the roadside scenery...and even a little reminder of home!

The aqueducts
The bridges and tunnels....once you cross into Italy, it seemed like that was the route. You went from a bridge into a tunnel, onto an incredibly high bridge, into a tunnel, etc...and every one had it's own name. That may not seem like a lot, but we must have passed over 20(+/-) bridges and through just as many tunnels!

This was me most of the drive for 3 days...taking pictures instead of telling my husband which little arrow to follow :)
I will do a separate post on deserves it!
For now, enjoy these pictures!


mythopolis said...

What a wonderful excursion! I've only been in the south of France once, but it was in a car. And I thought I would wear my neck out looking here and there. And, talk about some pricey real estate! Really fun to see these pictures!

FancyHorse said...

I love seeing your photos and reading about your travels! I did see the faces in the rocks. :-)

lailani said...

Love seeing your world, and well, I guess more so, your life! I need to win the lottery . . . ;)

BLOGitse said...

AH, beautiful pictures!
What a trip you had....

Anonymous said...

Some of those shots look like postcards! Wow! So glad for you that you get to do all these amazing things.

And the Alps look so white! That's a lot of snow.

Betty said...

Fascinating! You are really seeing the world. I guess I´ll just have to "live through your eyes", because I don´t see me ever getting there.
Thanks for sharing!

Stickup Artist said...

What a great journey! The Gorge looks amazing and is a place that goes right to my heart. And the trip along the coast, well I can see why that would be a highlight. The view of the coastline is breathtaking and I am so looking forward to your post from Monaco. Bravo to you for taking time to post and finding the means along the road. This is so much fun!