Tuesday, April 12, 2011

#3 Monaco and Genoa

The drive from Nice to Monaco was especially pretty. The sun was shining brightly and there were so many people out enjoying it. This was a Sunday, so we were able to catch glimpses of people at their leisure.

Every turn seemed to hold a new beautiful building, a pretty sea view and dramatic hills.

We got to Monte Carlo, Monaco around lunchtime, which is exactly how my husband planned it!
The winding streets held one beautiful house or building after another. The streets were impeccably clean for the residents and casual visitors.

Around every corner exuded money. The casual BMW passing by seemed like a commoner's car next to the Ferrari's, Lamborghini's

and yes, even a Rolls Royce convertible! (drove by too fast to get a good picture :(~ )
My husband knew from that point on that he was in car heaven and now wants a small apartment there, hahaha!

We had a beautiful lunch outside on the malecon overlooking the yachts and the sea. There was a race happening and once again, people enjoying the beautiful sunny weather.

After we strolled around a little we headed (reluctantly) on to our next stop overnight, to Genoa, Italy. My favorite stomping grounds....
I love Italy... the language, the passionate people and the amazing food!

I was able to find a great bargain on a 5 star hotel and we lived in luxury for the night. There were L'Occitane products in the beautiful bathroom, soft down comforter on the king sized bed and a pretty view.

Again, we were there for only a night, but the next day, we took our time leaving...we strolled around the streets, enjoyed the busy Monday morning and stream of people, and bought some delicious cheese and salami for our home in Atyrau. (yes, we carried it with us for the rest of our trip! That is what we crazy expats do on our vacations!)
Thanks for following along on our journey...it really was an amazing adventure!
There is much more to tell so keep checking back ~


lailani said...

Oooh, looks like a great place to wander! I think lunch in monte carlo/monaco might have to be added to the bucket list!

Fabiola said...

It looks like a trip of a lifetime, well, at least to your daughter ; )

Cheese and Salami..... Well, Paulo and I would do it too ; )

mythopolis said...

I definitely think you should get an apartment there. I could stay there and keep an eye on the place while you were in other parts of the world. Whenever, you come to town, I would of course move out. Actually I would go check on the place in West Palm Beach. It would be a win-win situation for everyone! Is it ok if I bring my chickens?

Betty said...

I am enjoying your pictures of this trip. There are definitely some amazing sights you saw. Lucky you!

Stickup Artist said...

What an awesome coastline! And your night shot turned out wonderfully. I love "on the road" blogging, especially on such amazing roads, with such stunning views. Good on You and Happy Trails!

FancyHorse said...

Thank YOU for the vicarious journey! Love the pics and the descriptions!

BLOGitse said...

Beautiful shots. Just how I imagine Monaco to be. Unfortunately that's not a city for my wallet :)
Salami and cheese, yummy!

Mary said...

What a fabulous place to explore. Your photos are almost - almost - as good as being there :-). This was my first visit to your site but I plan to be back. I don't want to miss a step of your journey. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Anonymous said...

BG... Your trip sounds amazing and you have us all waiting for the next leg. Dont keep us waiting too long!!

Surfer Dude.

Mary said...

BG, I'm just popping back to let you know how delighted I am that you returned my visit. I hope you'll stop by often. Have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary