Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Wow, the days have been beautiful here.
Yesterday, the snow fell and fell...big flakes, flurries, sun in between.
I was walking around the camp, ready to take pictures, when I saw a friend that was going outside the camp to take more photos. Three of us went for an hour and a half...really long to be in the cold, but I got some great pictures from the excursion!

This is the Muslim Mosque across the street from our houses:

Here is Makhambet Square, which honors the two men who fought for over 200 years to gain independence for Kazakhstan:

Here is the Russian Orthodox Church

These are a few of the scenes we saw along the way

Enjoy the photo tour and come back tomorrow for the macro ice shots from this morning!
(I just didn't want to post too many because I know some of you do not like long posts!)


mythopolis said...

These are really interested shots, and I am glad to see you picking up that camera, because you are very good with it. I love the color values, and if I had to pick one, I'd say the image of the woman in the lime green attire. Excellent. Let's see more!

Scriber's Web said...

Lovely shots! Great to see your photos! My favorite one is the blue door. Can't wait to see the macro photos! Hurry up!


Beverlydru said...

I love your photos. You are one of the most positive and courageous bloggers I've met! Can't wait to meet you in person some day.
Thank you for stopping by. You've been on my mind. The only person I know in Kazakhastan. : )

BLOGitse said...

You seem to have less snow than what they have in Helsinki!
How do you like it there?
Is shopping easy?
Do you have everything you need?
Or what do you miss?

Long posts are long if there's too much to read - I rather read short ones often than one too looooong...(you know it takes more time for me to read in English plus I follow and comment far too many blogs!)