Friday, February 25, 2011

The Dance

Tonight my 12 year old son is going to his first middle school dance.
There is another international school here that sometimes likes to mix in with our kids...
granted there are no more than 10 going from our school, probably less, but that's ok, at least they are getting the experience!

When I asked my son what he thought he might wear (I know, silly question for a boy, right?!)
he said he was thinking of his suit.
Yes, that would be my 12 going on 30 year old son.
I love it!

Then I asked if he was going to dance.
Nope, I'm just going to stand by the snack bar.

Suit wearing, snacking boy is going to a dance...
I should tip one of the other kids to let me know what he actually does :)


mythopolis said...

Awww, this conjures up lots of cute images.

Betty said...

They are just the cutest little guys at this age. I can tell you will have fun with him!

lailani said...

How fun! Makes me think of an episode of Andy Griffin when Opie went to his first dance :)

Fabiola said...

Sorry, I've been really MIA!! And I am just reading about him now.
I can't wait to hear how was his 1st dance. He will be a heart breaker really soon, my friend!!!