Monday, January 24, 2011


I have been a bit absent this past posts since last Monday?
Wow, where did that time go?

Well, it has been a fun week here. Last Sunday my husband and I went out onto the
Ural River...and walked on water! It was a little strange and a bit eery to be walking on a river.
You could see the thickness of the ice right through the top layer.
These were some cool bubble looking patches:

Here is one of the holes left by an ice fisherman. It amazes me how in this cold they can just sit there and fish!

Then, came the snow! My kids were so happy when they woke up Monday morning to a few inches of snow on the ground, and more flurries falling. Overall, my opinion is that we got about 6 seems like a lot! The kids have been ice skating and building snow forts. They have tried sledding down their little snow mounds...
such fun for them who have never really lived in snow.
Here are a couple shots of the falling flakes and Bella enjoying the snow:

and of course, last but certainly not least...

They just finished off their season with a home field win against the NY Jets.
Congratulations Steelers, and now:
Stairway to Seven!


Fabiola said...

When I read on the paper about the Steelers, I knew you would post something.

I can imagine how fun the snow is for the kids.

I'm a little bit out of the blog world, but I will be back soon ; )

lailani said...

My first thought as I saw that the Steelers are going to the Super Bowl, was of you! :)

Love the shot of your new world. As much as I sing song I want snow every year, well, our winter has been so much colder than normal, that I will accept the few flurries and the tenth of an inch of ice and call it even. This year ;) oh, I love Bella - she looks sooooo sweet!

Gabriela said...

Seriously, ice fishing is something that I will NEVER understand. Something that boring-and in the freezing cold?!? No thanks.

You're lucky Steelers have done it again. Bah Humbug.

(Pedro's teacher is from Pitts. and she has been wearing her garb lately, making me miss you immensely :( )

mythopolis said...

Such a nice little review of what you have been up to lately. Enjoyed the photos.
Seriously though, I think you should take up ice fishing. Those guys know how to stay warm, I'll bet. Thermal socks, a hot tottie in the thermos jug, for starters.
Gotta hand it to the Steelers. That was a cold game, too! I think the wind chill was minus 4! Probably didn't faze the players, with all the adrenaline going. I wonder how many fans got stuck frozen in their bleacher seats, however! (Anyway, a tough weekend for me, both the Jets and the Bears are hometown teams for me, and they BOTH lost. Boo hoo!

BLOGitse said...

That's how ice fishing is done in Finland too!
In a sunny spring day you can see hundreds of people walking on the ice, enjoying the sun...

FancyHorse said...

I'm not used to much snow or cold down here in the south. 20s and
30s seem frigid to me!

My husban is happy about the Steelers, too. He used to work for US Steel.

Nicole said...

That looks like a fun day out!
Hope Sam gets better by himself, that Vet sounds scary,...!