Friday, January 28, 2011

Poor Sammy

Who is Sammy?
Well, Sammy is my friend's big, black labrador.

Sammy was sick a couple of weeks ago. He started making a few wee's in the house overnight, which my friend said he has never done since he was a puppy. He wasn't eating too well either. They were concerned that something was wrong and called the local "veterinarian".
Quotation marks are there because a "vet" here is dodgy to put it mildly. They generally are afraid of dogs here because the Soviets used them for interrogations.
(or at least that's what someone told me!)

He gave Sammy some shots for what he believed was a bladder infection. Makes some sense actually... until Sammy started wobbling and not seeming right. It was maybe the high doses of medication the "vet" gave him.
Well, he started to perk up after the meds wore off, but then a big lump formed where the injections were given.

So, I accompanied my friend to another "veterinarian". Small little "Shop", where they sold a few leashes, a few toys and what seemed to be medications for various afflictions. These boxes at least had pictures of cats and dogs on them!
So, the "vet" was not there. She was working...huh? Isn't this her shop? Where the heck was she working?
Well, the assistant started talking to us in Russian. My friend understands a little, but this lady was rolling a mile a minute. She kept looking at us like we understood. We did get that we had to put a compression bandage on it...but of what, we had no clue.
My friend called the help desk of our company and passed the phone over...
What was outcome?

Cabbage. Yes, a compression bandage with cabbage.
Do I need to say more?


mythopolis said...

Well, lets not throw the baby out with the bath water. There are many 'folk medicine' remedies that do actually work. Cabbage against an infection works as an astringent to draw out poisons. In the backwoods, we used to treat bee stings with a wad of chewing tobacco, for the same reason! That said, I feel for Sammy. I simply can't stand it when my dog gets sick. She likes to chase bees, and has been stung in the mouth more than once. That is dangerous because the tongue can swell and shut off the airway. Remedy here is benedryl. Put the tablet in a spoonful of peanut butter to help it go down.

Hope Sammy feels better soon!

FancyHorse said...

I feel sorry for poor Sammy! I hope his problem will be solved soon and he will be feeling better again!

Ballerina Girl said...

yes Myth, a cabbage and other folksy remedies can and do often work...on people usualy.
Imagine, how does one keep a cabbage bandage wrapped around a furry body, and keep the dog from not eating it, hahaha!


lailani said...

Trying to picture wrapping cabbage around my dog?!? Poor pooch! What a change in culture for you!

Fabiola said...

Ok, that sounds a little weird even to me. I hope Sammy really gets better soon.

Paulo's positive thoughts are helping me too. I have something to share with you, I"ll write an email soon.

Have a wonderful week.