Friday, September 24, 2010

Wind Farm

Check out this article from CNN

I saw this "farm" while flying between London and Amsterdam. It is a beautiful sight to see really...they just sit in the middle of the ocean.

I find it so encouraging that our world is finally trying to harness Mother Earth's natural powers.


mythopolis said...

Very cool! I've seen a few of these here, but on land - and not as big as this! There are also some mega-solar projects underway recently, another good sign!

Fabiola said...

It is really neat!
I hope you made home safe!!


lailani said...

I saw a news link to this yesterday! I was amazed - especially one picture of a boat speeding between them- I had not really realized how mammonth they were. I was very intriqued about with all the wind mills out in the water like. Really neat to think about flying over them. Fun!

Carol said...

BG.....just read about your latest 'news'~ I hope you like what you are seeing. Would the job move you to London or to Atyrau??? Wishing you many prayers and safe travels~xoxoxox