Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In transit

So here I am sitting in the airport in Amsterdam.
I have been for quite some time and still have about 3 hours to go.
I know that I stil need to fill you on our new surroundings in Atyrau, and let me tell you,
there is a lot to tell!
Let's leave that for its own post though. I was not able to connect to
Blogger from where we were staying. That worried me because I was
on the camp. I'm really hoping that Blogger is not somehow blocked there!
Let's not worry about that bridge until we have to cross it!
I just find this airport so funny and interesting. I can shop for clothing and shoes,
buy tulips, live and in bulb form, chocolates, food and drink,
cameras and electronics and even visit a smaller version of the
Rijksmuseum! What a great place to be in transit for 8 hours!
The natural light where I am sitting right now is abundant and lovely.
I plan to stay here for quite awhile...

1 comment:

mythopolis said...

That does sound like a nice airport! Of course, you might have to buy another suitcase to carry all those little goodies in the shoppes there! : )