Sunday, September 26, 2010

So much to fill you in on....Where to begin

Well, how about we start at the very beginning....
as Julie Andrews told us:
It's a very good place to start! (from The Sound of Music)

The Key West house was first on our stop...
notice the luxury my husband's company spoils us with when on a pre-assignment trip, or what we all call the "look-see".
Yup, when you can use this little device,

that means you are in business class.
It is such a different experience than flying we never pay for, but are gifted by the company on certain occasions. Being able to lay almost flat, have a comfortable pillow and blanket, and actually eat the food that is served...
what a difference it makes when going on these long trips.

So we spent about two and a half days at our house. We always have so much fun and wish we could retire already!
I think the funniest part of Key West was when we went to Sears one day. We had just walked into the store, and there comes an announcement on the speakers...
for all people in the store..(at which point I was glad that I was near an exit in case something was wrong!)...but was I mistaken.
On came this gentleman describing some free giveaways near the flashing light.
So, why husband and I wander over and the man begins his presentation. I will spare you all the details, but he was a seller for Mr. Sticky....
They were only going to have this deal for all 10 of us there and only for this limited time...
so what am I getting at?
Well, we got a deal...on the whole Sticky Family.

For this limited offer, we were able to purchase Mr. Sticky, Mrs. Sticky and Sticky Jr for a much discounted price...over half off what they will be selling it for on QVC (and it will not be available in stores people!).
Let me tell you, they work. We took the Sticky family home and tried it out on the floors in our house. It picked up everything...little dust particles that I haven't been able to pick up with the sweeper, little crumbs, hair, gunk...everything!
It is really sticky, and yes, all you do is wash it off and dry it with a towel, while massaging it a little...and it is sticky again.
The whole scenario was making me laugh so much, but truthfully, I am so glad we "stuck" around. ;)

So, I won't overload you with the whole trip at once (plus my Steelers are on!)
On tomorrow's episode of my Roller Coaster Ride:
London and Amsterdam


mythopolis said...

Too funny about the Sticky family! Do you think it would get the fleas off my dog? Maybe there should be a doggy Sticky in the Sticky family. Around here, I could use a Sticky family, and all their relatives, too! I wonder how they make such a thing. You can wash it, and it still stays Sticky!

Let's see, I watched a little of Steelers and Titans recently. I don't know who won. If it was the Steelers, I am sure you will inform me! : )

I look forward to more posts!

Betty said...

Lucky you for getting that deal! I have one sticky role that I use on clothes and I love it. Very practical.

Thank you for commenting on my daughters blog. She is just starting out in the blogging world and loves every comment! Like us. :)

Can´t wait to read more about your trip.

BLOGitse said...

Thanks for introducing Mr. Sticky family! :)
(The challenge is published if you're interested to play along!)

Nicole said...

That's hilarious :D
But hey, can you send that Dude to Kuwait next time you see him around?
I badly want one of those.
(I admit, the massage part had me in giggles)