Thursday, August 19, 2010

I just feel like talking...

I know that my posts are usually fun filled and exciting...
but today I just feel like talking to a friend.

It has been a whirlwind of a few weeks since we decided to come back to Brasil. The kids have been doing great in school, and everything has just slipped back into place.
I am so impressed at how easily my children adapt to different situations. This is one of the many reasons we live the way we do. Some think that we are crazy because we move every few years, but we love it.

My husband and I actually talked about we get tired of a place. We like to move on and see what else is out there. We have such adventurous minds that like to explore and really take hold of different places. It is so amazing to see how different cultures function (or how they don't!).

Today he went to our house. He was coming to see us originally because we should still be there! hahaha, well...
He was able to tie in a trip to see his boss in Venezuela with a short visit to our house. Even though we are not there, it is good that he is getting to go. We have some major projects that are happening that could use to be looked upon!

We are changing the bottom level of our house. Originally we just wanted to put in a driveway and fence. When our contractor went to pull the permits, we weren't allowed due to being out of compliance with FEMA and the strict rules for our particular flood zone area. (all due to hurricanes) So, I guess now I know why I signed a non-conforming enclosure sentence in our contract!
Anyways, no big deal. This has given us some freedom to do a few changes. We are ripping out the whole bottom front of our downstairs. this was the non-conforming enclosure because it was set up like an apartment. I believe the previous owners used it as a guest room. It was not connected through the inside of the house so the county sees it as a possible income property.
So, out it is coming and we are going to pave that with the same pavers as the driveway. We will have a great "outdoor room" once it is all finished!

My son has his first school dance, "middle school social" as it is properly called. They call it this because as the organizers stated: "we will have tables set up and a ping pong table, so that those that choose not to dance feel welcome also!"
I think it's a great idea to have all those extras, because my son has vehemently stated:
"I do not dance."
Really, son? He has so much rhythm inside him...I think it is from him being inside me while I finished my last performances. My final performances were when I was close to 4 months pregnant! Anyways, he is looking forward to going and "socializing"!

Well, there's always more to chat about....but this is getting long now. I know you all don't like them to be too long...but I just felt like chatting today :)
Have a good day


mythopolis said...

I think it is wonderful that your children are growing up amidst these many changes of places and ways of life!

I remember my first 'middle school social'. The boys lined up on one side of a room. Girls on the other. Then each line is walked about until you stop....and whoever you are facing is your dance partner. I remember my mind racing trying to calculate which girl I might dance with. I wanted to do it, but it was scary and awkward at the same time. Hope your son has an enjoyable experience!

Lucy said...

I'm glad everything is going so well. It is a testament to good parenting that your children adjust so well to change. That, and I suppose, being used to it!

You should do a post sometime about your dance days. What you danced, what you liked about, what you didn't, etc.

Betty said...

I´m glad your kids are adjusting well. I´m sure that is a load off your mind, knowing they are enjoying the life there.
The project on your house sounds great. You know you have to show us the finished product, right? :)

BLOGitse said...

Greetings from Bilbao, Spain!
What a beautiful, clean city with good food and wine! :)
Back in Casa daily life, sigh...