Friday, August 20, 2010

Gall Bladder

I am really putting myself out here in blog world...
but I would like to hear if anyone of you, or anyone you know, has had their gall bladder removed. I am considering this surgery.

I am doing this electively I assume since I really have not had problems. Why? you may ask!
Well, I have quite a few gall stones that were discovered during one of my husband's company's marathon, total body, yes EVERYTHING, check-up.

Seeing as we will be moving to a country that is probably not going to have the infrastructure of good hospitals and doctors, (and the thought of being medi-vac-ed to London for emergency surgery), I thought that I'd be proactive and have it "fixed" before a serious problem occurs. It seems that this "serious problem" will occur at some point in my life.
As the surgeon today told me, that could be tonight, tomorrow, in a year, in 5 years, get the point... no one can predict it.
Sounded good and I made an appointment to have it done September 1st.

Well, then I get home and start reading about all the problems people have after their removal...well, it scares me! Now, these people, or at least some of those that I read, are grateful to have their gall bladder out because of the pains and problems they were experiencing with it. But me, I'm having it done so that nothing happens where I may get into an emergency situation and something more dire happens in a place where I can't get immediate attention.

So, any advice would be greatly appreciated!


lailani said...

My sister in law had hers removed a month or so ago. No problems- hers was not an emergency either. A friend had emergency gall bladder surgery many years ago - no problem. There were several folks in our church that were having some pretty serious symptoms that the doctor's could not at first identify. Turned out it was their gal bladder and as far as I know, have had no problems since removal.

Your reasons for having it done where you are now are pretty sound and strong reasons. Best luck with the decision!

Scriber's Web said...

My 2 cents... get it removed BG! Specially since you will soon be moving to a country where if there is an emergency you won't get immediate attention. It is bound to become an issue at some point. Just deal with it proactively. You will be in good hands and will be able to plan everything ahead of time such as child care.

I've had friends who had them removed and they have no problems whatsoever. They only wish they had done it sooner. Before it became a problem and extremely painful.

Don't read stuff on internet. People love to complain and over exaggerate. And frankly people who have a pleasant experience don't even bother posting anything.

It is kinda when you are pregnant for the first time. Some women LOVE to tell you how extremely painful it is. They almost brag about it and tell you horror stories. And then they recommend books that are so negative and scary that they scare you to death! So just ignore the negativity.

You are strong and healthy. Take care of it now. Why wait?

BTW... I had certain stuff removed awhile back and was terrified of the surgery. Everything went fabulously but I do have some lessons learned for my next surgery. Maybe I should do a post about that:)

Good luck sweetie with whatever decision you make:)

mythopolis said...

I would assume this is a pretty routine procedure. Makes sense to do a 'preemptive attack' on the matter. You will not have the anxiety of having the problem emerge when you are not able to easily get help. So, I say 'go for it'.

Gabriela said...

Gosh, I know very little about our friend (or foe) the gall bladder.

Wish I could offer you some advice-I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Miss you! Glad the kids are doing well. :)

Brenda said...

Everyone I know that has had the gallbladder removed has been happy to have done it. I say do it, don't risk getting into an emergency situation in Brazil . . .

Betty said...

I´ve had mine removed, and have had no problems after. It was a simple procedure with very little pain. That´s what I was most afraid of, the pain. But it was really very mild and I was back to normal within the week.
Of course there are always the "other" things that can happen (I won´t tell you about my dad´s experience) but you just have to have faith that all will go well. The bad cases are in the minority.

Fabiola said...

My Mom had it removed 29years ago. She had so many stones and she was in terrible pain. I was a child, but I still remember her crying with pain.

Let's just say she was/is really happy she got it removed.

I am sure everything will be fine.