Sunday, July 4, 2010

World Cup Stories

As you may know, some big names have lost in the FIFA World Cup Games this year...
my favorite, Italy
France, Argentina, USA and closest to home, (at least at this point in my life)
Well, my husband was still in Rio while that game happened.
Mind you, he works for a
large, international, multi-billion dollar company
but football is above all else.
Everyone stopped work and watched the Brasil games in the conference rooms.
On Friday, they watched as their whole life went down the drain.
I am not exaggerating!
People were crying, unable to control their overwhelming feeling of loss.
One of my husband's most valuable, reliable, predictable employees
asked to go home because he just could not concentrate!
That is the passion of football in Brasil...
but they are resilient and believe 2014,
when the World Cup is in their country,
will be their year.
I still will vote for Italy...
but my heart will go out for all the Brasilians.


Fabiola said...

Yep, this situation happens every 4 year!!! It is the same old history!!!

I hope things are settle down for you!!! We are still on limbo!!!

mythopolis said...

There is so much national pride attached to these teams in Soccer. It is like the Olympics, in that way. But, I hate to see a marvelous player shunned by his country when he blows an important play. All these athletes are simply amazing. Do you have Italian ancestry? Is that why you root for Italy? I have watched some of the games, but, I am always reminded of taking soccer as a class in college. And it was right after I had just eaten breakfast. And I ran around the field, with no time outs for about 45 minutes. And then, I would go back to the locker room, and throw up my breakfast!

Betty said...

Well, we had to deal with the same loss yesterday. It was hard, they almost had it. But we still celebrated, we´re very proud of our Paraguayan team.
Hope you are enjoying your July 4th holiday over in the US!

Scriber's Web said...

I work for a large international company too and I can tell you that people here are watching the games too. Unfortunately people in US are not that passionate about Soccer/Football. We have large flat screen TVs in our kitchens and people gather to watch the games there. But just a few. Most of them are watching it on their computers. Or iphones. I know someone scored because I hear people everywhere shouting:)

I am sad about Brazil. That is one of the countries that passionately cares about the game! But honestly, they did not impress me this year at all.

Oye... sorry for leaving such long comments on your blog! I promise to behave going forward:)

Brenda said...

I was depressed all day after Paraguay lost and my sister kept trying to cheer me up. Its just sad.

My son works for a Brazilian owned business in San Francisco and they almost closed down after Brasil lost. The owners all went home and he was left to man the store. They took the big screen TV''s down after Brazil lost :(

Gabriela said...

Hey BG! Julio is glued to the TV everyday here. I think he'll always be a little bit Brazilian in that way. :)

Miss you.