Friday, July 9, 2010

This week in review

I have been a bit absent this week....
but for very good reasons (in my opinion)!

My husband has been visiting this week! We still are unsure of our next destination which is quite stressful. We are thinking of putting the kids into school here in Key West for a few months, but haven't made that final decision yet.
I am going crazy!
I am trying to be very calm about it, and really it is the best way to be.
There isn't anything any of us can do to change the situation, so we might as well just put all the colloquialisms here:
1. roll with punches
2. go with the flow
3. relax and enjoy what you have

But deep down, I am in turmoil. I love our house. Everything here feels like home. Our dogs are with us which makes it even home-ier!
But my husband can not work from here. He has to continue on with the job in Brasil until they move him; which as we all know, are not sure when that will happen.
We made the decision for the kids and I (and dogs too!) to leave Brasil in anticipation of this next move. We also thought it would have been decided by now...with visas being processed (sometimes that can take months), furniture on the ship sailing to the new place, and us having a firm date of when we will be a whole family again.
My son the other day said this to his Dad:
"Papa, you should just stay here, or come back soon because Mom is a mess. She cries that your not here and misses you a lot."
Well, my son is very insightful and knows his Mom!

That said, we have had a great week! This is the first year to not spend the Fourth of July in Pittsburgh. Luckily, we had good weather and so much fun watching the fireworks from a boat! The reflection on the water was beautiful!

The 8th brought about our daughter's birthday..
another first....her Papa was with her which hasn't happened in a few years!
Usually we are in Pittsburgh and my husband saves his days off for around Christmas time, or other holidays. this year he was with her, and it was a cool day!
She wanted to go parasail we went!

We have my in-laws and a cousin staying with us, so the cousin went parasailing too.
Then she wanted my special Wedding Soup for dinner with a chocolate cake with white icing.
It was a yummy dinner and our little girl had a smile on her face the whole day!
Every time one of our family members called she would say:
"Is it another one of my fans?!"

Well, I will leave you with a few beautiful sunrise picture that I took just a few minutes ago...
Happy weekend!


BLOGitse said...

Waiting and specially waiting for unknown is hard!
But it's good you've had good moments together...
Beautiful pictures!
Have a nice weekend!


mythopolis said...

Love the photos, especially the sunsets! How spectacular, and right outside your door, I suppose. At least you have such serenity in these, in the middle of the 'transition'. And what a great birthday for your little girl!! ParaSAILING?! I wanna go parasailing!!! Oh, poor pitiful me! : )

Brenda said...

Its nice that you are in a beautiful place while you are waiting. And that you have lots of outdoor activities to enjoy.

Betty said...

What a place to live! Looks stunning! Happy Birthday to your little girl!
Hope you learn your destination soon.

Gabriela said...

Happy Birthday! Wish we could have celebrated with her (and had some soup and that yummy looking cake!).

I'm sorry you still don't know. Someday it will all be a distant, and probably comical, memory, but I know right now it's extremely frustrating.

What a beautiful place-your photos are awesome.

Much love, Gabs

NicoleB, Egypt said...

Oh my gosh!
Hope things get solved for you guys soon.
I can relate to your feelings.
At least for us it's (hopefully) only a short time being apart. Plus we have the advantage of only having to worry about the 4-legged kids who don't need school.
Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!

The photos are a dream - so beautiful!

lailani said...

I am not one for hanging in the balances - or like a bible study I did last year - floating. I seem to need to be kicking forward more than kicking back and waiting. Key West, huh? Not a bad spot to kick back in ;) Glad you have family around and were able to have a visit from hubby. Oh! LOVE the pictures!