Friday, May 21, 2010

The big event

We have been back a few days from the wedding and time has been running away from me, but I know you are all excited to hear about it!

The whole weekend was FABULOUS! My daughter was just the cutest little flower girl EVER ;) and so excited about it all.
She hung out with all the big girls and guys of the wedding party a lot.
She told one of the bridesmaids that she didn't understand why the wedding was tomorrow and there was only one rehearsal. I guess my girl felt like she needed some more practice, but she was perfect coming down the aisle! She had the biggest smile on her face and walked with such ease and showed no signs of nervousness!
Then after the wedding, she comes up to me and says, "I love the limo!"
Uh-oh ;)

The rehearsal dinner was at a pretty country club overlooking the sunset and the golf green. It was a special evening as the soon to be married couple gave out little presents and said thank you to all of us, especially their parents.
My daughter received a pair of earrings to wear for the wedding that matched the bride's and they came in the cutest little white Coach wristlet! The bride is a HUGE fan of Coach, so she thought it appropriate to get the girls little bags. (we have an outlet close by, whew!)

The weather had been a little rocky, but on Saturday, the sun came out and shone brightly the whole day for the wedding. The air was crisp and the sun was warming, so it was perfect.

The wedding was beautiful. My niece is a pretty girl when she has no makeup on and is in a t-shirt and imagine her beauty when a hair dresser coiffed her hair into a spiral of twists and puffs and turns, put a tiara of swarovski crystals in her hair with a veil outlined in crystals, and an absolutely amazing gown on her...
and she was simply stunning.

The party afterwards was so much fun and full of great treats!
My SIL and her SIL spent months baking these cookies...a tradition in Italian weddings is to have many cookies for the party. These were all simply delicious! 33 trays in all...

The tables were each named differently and such a special touch for the couple and the guests...our table was "Devotion"....

The cake was simple and elegant.

and the candy table with a selection of photos of their Parents and Grandparents from their wedding days, to start their photo collection in their new home, was such a treat!

They danced the night away along with their friends, and throw in a few of us old timers, and you have the perfect wedding weekend that we experienced!


Fabiola said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

Your niece looks like a princess. I can imagine your daughter excitement with all the "grown up" things she experienced!!!

Glad your are back!!!

mythopolis said...

It looks simply amazing, but let's cut to the chase, BG....did you save me any cookies?!!!

FancyHorse said...

I loved reading about that! What a lovely idea to have photos of the parents' and grandparents' weddings! Handsome groom,beautiful bride, stunning dress! Do you have a picture of your daughter as flower girl?

Ron Cooper said...

Sounds like a lovely wedding. My cousin is marrying in a few days. We're excited about going!

Wanted to stop and say hi.

My latest inspirational postings are, “Pure Love,” “Peace of Mind,” and “Simple Gesture.”

Jientje said...

What a lovely wedding, and the bride looks stunning!

NicoleB said...

Those shots are awesome!
And it looks like you had a great time :D!