Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My new look

Thanks Betty for introducing me to the new Blogger templates. They have some really pretty choices, and so many more than before! Click here to find your new style!

Hope you like the new look...

As for this past weekend, Gabriela and I, along with kids, team managers and other parents, traveled to Sao Paulo for Destination Imagination. You can click on the name for more information. I think it is a fun and challenging activity that really shows children how to work as a group to come up with different solutions. They worked for several months on their Central Challenges, which is the main component of their total score. Once at the celebration, they present the Challenge and participate in other workshops and challenges for which they are also graded. At the end, the scores are totaled and a victor emerges....sometimes tears flow, or screams of joy erupt, but in the end, I really believe they all learn valuable lessons that they will hopefully remember as they grow older.

Our kids had a great time and did very well. Sao Paulo is a pretty, modern city with rolling hills and interesting architecture. We got to meet our blogging friend Fabiola, which was great. The three of us had a leisurely breakfast and talked each other's ears off :)
Thanks for the fun morning Fabiola!


mythopolis said...

sounds like great experiences for kids! I'm all for it!

Betty said...

LOVE the new look! I almost picked this one too, but I know another blog that already had it, so I didn´t.
It´s fun to meet other bloggers isn´t it? I bet you had lots to talk about!

Nicole said...

Glad you had a Fab trip and yes, the new template is lovely!!

Brenda said...

Sao Paolo is a HUGE city. I was overwhelmed by it. But there are lots of fun things there.

How fun to meet with a fellow blogger.

FancyHorse said...

YOur blog looks great! I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your family - that sounds like an interesting place!

Scriber's Web said...

What a cool template! I love it! And I am jealous that you met fellow bloggers:) I hope to meet you and other fellow bloggers some day:)

BTW... I am no snorkeler or diver, but I was thinking about buying a cheap camera for underwater photos. Do you have any recommendations? Also, I plan on taking a ton of orchid/flower photos in Maui. For you:)