Thursday, June 25, 2009

This and that...

Here we are, safe and sound, in the 'burgh.
The flights were smooth as silk, though you wouldn't have known it from looking at me!
I have never been so nervous as I was on that first flight out.
Only time will tell when it is our time, and luckily, last week was not our time.

My Mom is doing fairly well. She is much stronger than I expected. She is doing too much, of course, but it wouldn't be her if she wasn't!
I have a good feeling she will be returning with me, though she keeps saying that she isn't sure.

My son's camp has kept me driving a lot these days...
that's a good thing. I like to drive, and miss those privileges.

He has been learning about blood samples and learning how to take fingerprints, from dusting them to finding them on a cup!
Sorry for the blurriness...gotta look into a camera with macro! But can I buy a video cam AND new camera all in one summer?
Me thinks not...

My daughter and I have been out and about, a little bit of shopping, talking, playing....
enjoying the company of each other and family.

I got a new cell phone... The Blackberry Curve 8900.
It even sounds good doesn't it?! I like it! I enjoyed my last Blackberry, but this one is just way too cool. I really like the full keyboard; by far, the biggest improvement for me. The screen is really easy to read, and I have already downloaded ringtones and screen themes! I never really thought of myself as a techie, or cell phone junkie, but this phone is fun! I have been texting and calling my niece at every turn to ask how to do this or find is pretty funny!

Speaking niece is getting married next May. How exciting! I am going to design and make the flowers for her and her wedding party. We have been busy working that out...I need to get to a store here and make her a sample. Just gotta figure out where everything is here! It is so easy to go to the Flower Market in Brazil...just pick up whatever is available!

So this is our trip so far...not much excitement for all of you, just chatter amongst friends :)


mythopolis said...

If I was your son's age, I would be sooooooooo loving that camp! Great!

Gabriela said...

Glad you guys are having a good time. R's camp sounds awesome. Julio would love it too. And I bet B's loving the special time with you.

Things are fine here. The thing I thought was going to happen isn't, so that's good news for my vacation. :)

Miss you, Gabs

NicoleB said...

Sounds like you have a bunch of fun out there.
Glad that your Mom is getting better!
Enjoy your time and stay safe!

Brenda said...

Sounds like good times, I hope your mom agrees to go back with you!

marina said...

my son camps have me busy drivng since summer started welcome to my world LOL!!!
gald you arrive safely have a nice stay ") marina

Betty said...

Sounds like fun to me!
Hope you continue to enjoy your stay!

PJ said...

I've been thinking about a new phone next time around. You are tempting me....but something else techie to learn??? I donno!!!

Funny. Some things are more convenient the way they USED to be!!! So much for improvements and things like superstores here!! Give me the flower market any day!!