Monday, June 8, 2009

Moving On

As you all know, we lost many people on this Earth one week ago.

This past Saturday, Gabriela, myself, my husband and many close friends went to the memorial of Kristian Berg Andersen.  May he rest in peace and may his family find the strength to heal a little bit every day.
It was heart breaking to see his wife, our friend, in tears, sobbing, yet trying to be strong for their two beautiful children.  They were also in a flux of tears and sobbing out loud, then turning and looking to their little friends for some sort of hope, grasping a teddie bear, holding on to their Mother.  

I need to move on.  I was still a mess yesterday, but today, with the beautiful sunshine, the sound of the waves, and my family, I feel stronger.  
Yes, it is easier for me, for you...this has not happened to us.  
What I have taken from it is that you must rejoice in your life, find the peace and happiness that the little every day things bring into your life.
I feel so very lucky to have the life that I lead....
I am the happiest when I am close to my family, and thank God, for now, I am blessed with still having everyone in my life.

We have some wonderful Scottish friends who are setting up a memorial fund for Kristian in Scotland.  They have a program called 
Trees For Life. (click on this name for more information)
In exchange for your donation, they plant a tree in the Caledonian Forest of Scotland.  What we are hoping is that the family may one day, be at a place, where they can accept what life has thrown them, and want to visit a beautiful part of this forest in memory of their dear loved one.
I think it is a beautiful and fitting memorial for someone who loved the outdoors.  Their family is from Norway, so it is close enough to visit and one day see acres of beautiful trees, flowers and animals growing strong in his name.

I am moving on, though not forgetting.  My heart is heavy, but full of spirit and life.  My dear ones are even closer and more precious, if that is possible, than they were a week ago.  I want to hold every day as a special extra day that we are all together and living this beautiful life.  For one never knows when that will end or be changed forever.

May all 228 lost ones rest in peace.  May their families find the strength to continue on and once again, some day, enjoy life again.


mythopolis said...

"Amen" to everything you have expressed here, BG.

Beverlydru said...

Prayers and hugs to you. I am so sorry.

Scriber's Web said...

Peace! Hugs to you.

NicoleB said...

I can't even start to imagine how hard it must be for the families.
A beautiful idea with the trees though.
Hugs to you all and may they and you find peace and joy in Life again!

Betty said...

A big ((hug)) for you! Very true what you wrote. Cherish each moment!

Gabriela said...

:( It was a bad week. This one has to be better. We had a nice time at dinner on Sat. You guys are fun, even after a memorial service and a crappy week.

Fabiola said...

I am just happy that you are getting on with your lives. It is hard... We've been in the same situation in 2006 and it is hard to everyone....


ann said...

I'm praying for you, BG, and for the families left behind, that the Lord will be with you all and just bring comfort.

mythopolis said...

I miss you BG...and you too Lash.!

marina said...

these was all so sad I am gald your are moving on , hugs marina