Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday with a song...


mythopolis said...

That was an interesting song!

Its ok to cross bridges when you come to them....just don't burn them behind you. : )

BLOGitse said...

great picture full of questions: did you come from there?
are you going there?
something to worry about?
is it dark there?
is that the end? and end of what?
or beginning? of what?

great, great shot!!! :)

Krista said...

Great photo - love the song.

Gabriela said...

You know I've downloaded some of his songs since you mentioned him. I like him. (not like that) :)

lmerie said...

I like that bridge - in the picture :) I think if I were to be asked to cross it, I might not like it as much -hehe

Great shot!

lovelydharma said...

Hey BG, have a great trip!!

If you have time, try to see Lavras Novas also. The kids will love it after seeing a bunch of churches! (lol)
The guide book (Frommers) said the Museum of the Inconfidants in Ouro Preto wasn't worth it and that they didn't have english descriptions. Which wasn't true. Everything was in English, and we found it totally fascinating. A really good history lesson on Brazil.

Also, if you are driving by car, you might consider getting off the BR 40 at the city of Cons. Lafaiete and driving past Ouro Branco and Lavras Novas. The signage on the BR40 for Ouro Preto will tell you to keep going north in the direction of Itabirito to get the road to Ouro Preto, but if you get of at Cons. Lafaiete the drive is really really pretty and you will drive by Tiradente's house - it's right on the road - a 5 minute stop off if you want to stretch your legs and walk around the old house. Ouro Branco is a cute little town to drive through too. Check it out on a map so you see what I'm talking about.
Have a GREAT time!!!!!!

Beth F said...

Nice shot! I'd love to cross that bridge.

catsynth said...

I think I was more taken with the bridge photo than the music video. It stands by itself, as a static image, but also suggests going somewhere, maybe far and with an element of danger.