Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where to start..

Ok, I have been away again and I am leaving again tomorrow..
I am not sure how to fit this all in?!

How about we back up and finish the trip to Ouro Preto first.

We left off with us going to the Gruta de Maquine.  This is an underground 
cavern that was discovered many, many years ago.  Periodically, there are rains that come down, but the whole thing has not filled completely in over 20 years.  It takes 8 days from when it rains to when the water actually starts seeping through.

There are small pools of water throughout.  This foto shows a pool of water that is reflecting the stalactites on the ceiling.

They even water it through an irrigation system because of the dust build up.  Now, what I never got answered is what the big deal about the dust building up is...purely for us tourists?  Whatever the reason it doesn't really matter because it is amazing to experience this cavern. 

The stalagmites and stalactites are enormous.  It almost seems as if you are entering into another dimension.

 They have also put lights inside so that we have a chance to glimpse this magnificent cavern.


Fabiola said...

I always heard a lot of things about Ouro Preto and the Cavernas, but I never had saw pictures. They are astunning.


Betty said...

I´m amazed you could take such clear photos. We were in a similar cave in Bonito and the pic´s just came out awful!
Looks very interesting!

lailani said...

I love caverns - your pictures are great! hmmm I have some of the boys, maybe on the memory post I should post them. But the caverns were in North Florida, so nothing compared to the wonder of these you shared! Thanks for the inspiration too!

ann said...

Oh how cool! Man, you go on the most awesome adventures! it makes me so jealous!! That cavern makes me think of Journey to the Center of the Earth. Way cool!