Thursday, February 26, 2009

Carnaval 2009

Ok, so for those of you that thought I would post before today....sorry :)
I was busy with many visitors in my house, landmarks to see, blocos, Sambodromo, dancing with a Samba school....
and today I was a good girl, went to church, got my ashes and gave up chocolate for Lent!  I am a little worried about giving up chocolate, but that is what "giving up" something is for, sacrificing.

Speaking of sacrificing....
the people that put their school's theme on for

 Carnaval in the Sambodromo are unbelievable.  They sacrifice so many hours and labor away all for the results that were just read. 

 It was quite exciting to sit here and watch as they read the four judges in 10 categories (by the way, they are all different judges, too!).  Our school, Portela, almost came in second place, which would be huge because they almost passed the winner of the last 5 out of 6 Carnaval's, Beija Flor.  The last judge was quite harsh on our school and so therefore, Beija Flor came in second (which is a shock amongst the people here) and Portela came in third. 

 The winner of the 2009 Carnaval is Salguiero.  
They performed on the night that we 

we went, Monday, and they were beautiful.  
I will start by honoring

 them with the fotos that my Tia (Aunt in Spanish) took
because in the middle of Salgueiro is when we went to get dressed for our school.  So, gracias Tia!  Congratulations to Salgueiro and of course, there are many more posts to follow on all of Carnaval!


mythopolis said...

What a trip!!! Photos are great! ( for others, take time to click on the photos to eye candy...) I also enjoyed the music track even though I don't understand the language, the exuberance comes through! Thanks for sharing the experience, BG!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! thanks for sharing something we don't see every day, for sure.

marina said...

oh BG, my son and I love looking at the carnaval pictures so colorful they really are gorgeous!! marina
PS you are brave to give up cholate

FancyHorse said...

Thank you for showing me your Carnaval! It is marvelous, splendid, breathtaking! I'm sure there is nothing like it, anywhere!

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tacho: mucho macho touching

Scriber's Web said...

Beautiful photos BG. Thanks so much for sharing it. This is something we hear about but never get to see. Amazing!

lmerie said...

That looks amazing! I have no doubt a great time was had! Thanks for sharing with us!


Brenda said...

How exciting to get to participate in all of this. Love the pictures by Tia :)