Sunday, January 11, 2009

Paradise-The Spa

The Thai definitely know how to "spa". They own "spa" for me!

We decided to treat ourselves on the first day that we arrived. The flights were long and our bodies were tired, so why not! We also decided to prep our bodies for the same long journey home on the last day!
The smells circulating around the spa were sensuous... lavender and lemongrass, sweet and fresh. The decor and music made you feel at once relaxed and calm, just like the whole feel of the island. They greet you at the spa's reception desk which is an open air, beautiful setting. They sit you down, give you some fresh cold lemongrass flavored tea and ask you how strong you want your massage.
The first time we both said strong, and boy, did they deliver. Elbows into the back, thumbs into the muscles, palms and forearms, kneading the tension away. The last day we choose medium, and it was just as good, but with two different girls, a totally different and relaxing massage. They start by washing your feet in a coconut milk bath, then lead you to your tables. As you can see, we had massages at the same time together in the same room. Probably meant to be very sensual, but we were both in our own worlds....loving it just the same!
After the massage they, once again, give you lemongrass tea, but this time it is hot, and helps everything feel warm inside. You can shower in the outside shower if you want, or leave the scented oils moisturizing your skin after your days in the sun. It was a great start and end to an amazing paradise.


Beverlydru said...

Popped over for my next little mini-vacation. In my head is better than not at all. I thought I didn't want to travel to that part of the world but I have now changed my mind. ; )

Mrs. S said...

ohhhh im so jealous!! I have loved all these tales of beauty and exotic! It looks wonderful and I am SO glad you were able to have such a wonderful time!

Brenda said...

That sounds wonderful!

When I went to Thailand I had massages as often as I possibly could, sometimes just at little informal places and they were the best massages I have ever had in my life. Sometimes I got them as cheap as $10.

I did see the picture of your sign that said "way out". Things like that always make me laugh!

Scriber's Web said...

Oh that sounds wonderful! I've had a couple's massage and it was fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing the photos and the stories! I am so enjoying reading about your trip!