Saturday, January 31, 2009

Favorite Players

Here are a few of my favorite players on the Steelers:

Troy Polomalu, Strong Safety in the Defense.  Watch for him and you'll have a hard time NOT seeing him.  He is everywhere on defense! 
 He wears his hair in a long mane that overflows down onto his back.  He is the playmaker when a big play is needed and helps with almost every defensive play.  He intercepted the ball in the AFC championship game two weeks ago to help secure the Steelers place in this Superbowl.

Hines Ward, Wide Receiver in the Offense.  He always has a smile, whether he makes the play or not.  He is a master at catching the ball, running and even 
blocking when needed.  He hurt himself in the last AFC Championship game, but he is listed as a probable for the Superbowl.  He also became the Steelers all-time Wide Receiver in 2005 with his 538th catch.

What I also like about both of these players is their respectful, courteous behavior on and off the field.  


mythopolis said...

Who is this team? The Stealers? : D

Coffee Slut said...

Well, I hope they win ....since the Patriots didn't make it! hehehe
Have a wonderful weekend!

Scriber's Web said...

I think they will win BG! I am so rooting for them!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

The closest I can come to participating in this discussion is that I have seen the guy with the long hair before!