Sunday, November 20, 2011

The house story

I wake up one Sunday morning to an email in my inbox from our house contractor/caretaker with a subject line that reads:
Someone crashes through your gate

Yes...our house became famous in a high speed police chase.
It is a very sad story, and our gate is the smallest detail, but nevertheless, it still involved our house.

The whole story is that a man was speeding on the road from Key West northward. A policeman on motorcycle started chasing him. The man, ingesting cocaine, drives down a street, (yes, our street,) to the end and crashes through our gate, down our boat ramp and into the Gulf of Mexico!
He was rescued, taken to a hospital for all the drugs he swallowed, and arrested there.
The car was his ex girlfriend's, mother of his child, and missing since a few days before this incident. Sadly, he led police to her body and is now charged with her murder.

There you sad that this had to happen to this lady...
but at least our gate, and the Gulf of Mexico, stopped him from getting away


mythopolis said...

Oh how crazy! It's like a movie....about a psycho. What a screwed up mess this guy made...killing a woman, and mother no less...there is probably some news video of the incident on record somewhere.

Betty said...

How scary! I´m glad they caught the guy and hope they will be paying for all the repairs needed!

Fabiola said...

Ok, this sounds like a mistery book. Jokes aside, I am sorry you had to go through this. I hope all is taken care of, when you get there in short three weeks (if I am no miscalculating it).

Anonymous said...

Wow--that is a crazy and sad story!! Drugs are so horrible; there's apparently a huge problem here with prescription drugs and addiction. People will do anything to get their fix and hurt so many. :(