Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nature's beauty

There have been some beautiful, sunny days here in Atyrau recently. The weather is certainly turning colder quite quickly. We have been lucky to have such sun around...though the last few days have been gray and dreary with dampness and rain in the air. The colder, winter months are upon us, knocking at the door.

Over the weekend I was able to capture a few pictures of creatures enjoying the last of the sunshine before the winter sets in.


mythopolis said...

Here too. In the mornings I have to bundle up to be warm, and by afternoon I am in t-shirt and shorts! I love this season.

BLOGitse said...

It's coming here too! Autumn!
We had looong, hot and sunny summer in Helsinki.
I've been SO busy. hehheh, I have a real life again! :)
I changed my blog host and now I have only one blog. Three was too much to update.
We visited San Francisco, had terrible flu the whole time (10 days). Now back at home and so much to do.
I started to a painting course on Mondays. Four hours in flow of creativity, I love it!
Beginning of November to Madrid for a couple of days, can't wait.

You seem to be happy in Aturay?!
Ready to skate, ski soon? :)

FancyHorse said...

Lovely flowers, and I like your header/theme, too!

We're finally getting some cooler weather, not chilly yet, though. My header pic was taken in November several years ago!

Gabriela said...

It's snowing here right now!!! I love it. It's actually more like slush-but it's white and it's coming down from the sky so I'm happy.

Ok-your photography skills are getting good!!! Your going to have to give me some lessons.

Miss you!

(your seriously making ricotta cheese??? I've done pasta-but never cheese. Wow.)

Stickup Artist said...

Awesome macros. I especially love the last one with the moth (?) on it. That flower looks like it has lots of little flowers growing out of it!!