Monday, July 18, 2011


I have been lost in the blog world. I have read some of your blogs, randomly here and there.
My desire to write has not been strong.
How quickly time passes.

We traveled to see family and my Mom ended up in the hospital. She does not have very good lungs from years of smoking, and therefore, any little cold sets her in a downward spiral. She and my Dad missed their cruise with my Sister and their trip to visit me here in our Key West home.
Luckily, thanks to many prayers, she has improved greatly. she is now home and continuing to improve every day. We bought them an Ipad 2 so that I can see them on Skype. It has been great to see them and communicate with them while seeing them! I was teasing my Dad that he is now a techie...YES! It is going to be such a blessing to see them while we are in Atyrau!

My new grand niece is just the most adorable little girl you ever could imagine. She is very smart, and of course, quite beautiful! She has dark blue eyes and fine light brown hair, chubby everywhere like a cherub angel! She is quite determined and has a good set of lungs on her! It was hard to say "see you soon" to someone so small. But again, we got them to set up Skype on their computer, so we can see them at least on the video!

We visited Sea World in Orlando. That was a fun day. We got to "pet" stingrays and dolphins. There were good animal shows. I have always loved the sea and it's animals. Sometimes people say that it is cruel to keep them like that, but I do believe that it is a good way to study these elusive animals and learn from them. I have always dreamed of being a trainer in Sea World, but my life took a different path. I still wish sometimes that I could have had it both ways...but then I most likely would not have met my incredible husband and had the beautiful family that I have!

So these have been my days...coming to the time we have to leave our paradise...
more from the other side of the world later!


Anonymous said...

I am sure your husband also feels lucky you guys met... What a nice hammock!!!

Surfer dude.

mythopolis said...

So good to get news of you! I hope your mom will bounce back well, and I am sure that these new capabilities for communicating from afar must be of comfort to you.

Stickup Artist said...

Sometimes life takes over and the good old blog takes a back seat for a while. Sounds like all is pretty good with you and your family but sorry to hear about your mom. Hope she feels better soon. Enjoy each day to the fullest. I know that you do...