Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ready, set...go!!

My son is packed and ready to go. We leave tomorrow at 6 am for the airport and then off he goes...
my boy, venturing out on his own.
Though he has done this before with his school in Brasil, somehow this feels different. He has to fly on two planes, then take a bus for 2 hours, to reach their destination.
It sounds like so much fun once they get there though...check out this itinerary:
torchwalk, living with nature and climbing, trek to valley,
visit to Montreux and Chateau de Chillon, visit to Zermatt with glacier study, ice skating, fondue tasting, snowshoeing...
can they cram anything else in?! I think it sounds like such a great adventure and I hope that he tells us about it...usually he is more the quiet type.
Click on the bold, italicized words to check out those spots! They look the best!

All said and done though, it is hard to watch him go. I can only pray that he is safe, in the hands of God, and that the flights, all of our flights, land safely.

And as we pack for this trip, I am already starting the planning stages of the summer trips. It is hard to figure out all of these flight schedules and the prices are soaring. Well, I guess I better be on the lookout for those special offers...
(what special offers you ask, well, one can only hope!)
Atyrau is, unfortunately, not a place to "hang out" for the summer. So, we just bite the bullet and try to find the best prices out there!

I am not sure how much, if any, I will be posting while we are away. Take care everyone...
and see you when we return!


mythopolis said...

I hope you all hav safe and wonderful times! Happy trails!

Anonymous said...

Incredibly heartfelt post BG... Funny how much I was able to relate to it. I am particularly impacted by your words of wisdom: "it is hard to watch him go. I can only pray that he is safe, in the hands of God, and that the flights[...] land safely".

I will be praying with you also!!

Surfer Dude.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Stay safe, be good (but not too good) and most of all have fun BG! xo

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

I'm sending well wishes to you and your son ;)

I'm following from Bloggy Moms.


Stickup Artist said...

Sounds wonderful. I'm looking forward to hearing about all your adventures. And I'm sure your son will have the best time of his young life, will have such wonderful memories that he will look back upon and cherish always.