Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My latest exercise craze

So, I am used to being active.
In Maracaibo it was easy because everyone loves to dance, do aerobics, step, swim, play tennis, etc...
I was in the best shape there since my dancing days.

Then came Brasil and well...I slacked off some. Though the gyms were beautiful and new, the classes they offered were boringly slow for me, the pool was only allowed to be used for free swims one hour a day (which happened to be the hours I picked my children up from school) and they were incredibly expensive. So, I still played tennis, swam occasionally at the outdoor pool (when it wasn't raining, or cold, or crowded), and my level of fitness dropped some.

Now to the present day here in Atyrau. The camp has a good facility with tennis courts and swimming pool, a gym with dance floor. I still play tennis and do a little bit of weights with the ladies, but now I have found

I love the songs, the movement and the fun that Zumba brings to exercise.
Try it out at a location near you...or buy the DVD set and enjoy it at your own pace.
The fun of dancing for exercise though, in my opinion, is to share it with your friends!
Enjoy :)


BLOGitse said...

oh boy...Three years and too little exercise. But my life will change when back in Finland - I'll start Nordic walking again and pilatesyougagymball at home :)

mythopolis said...

It looks like fun, but I fear in my case it would be known as 'Bumbla', in which I bumble around trying to keep up with those well-toned instructors!

(word verification: Ambona, which I believe is an exercise wherein you perform 'hambone' slaps on various parts of the body)

Betty said...

This seems to be the new craze everywhere. I´ll really have to take a look at it. Sounds like fun.

Gabriela said...

Ummmm, remember that talk we had about B and her "whiteness"? That's me. No zumba for me.

Any kind of dancing, much like karaoke, falls into the "must have alcohol" to participate category.

Do you wear a little skirt with metal things hanging off of it? We have a Zumba class here and some of the ladies wear them.

tattytiara said...

Good music is always a big help! Those are great rhythms.

Anonymous said...

I tried Zumba but didn't love it. The instructor was great, but it just wasn't for me, which was a bit disappointing because I thought it was going to be my new thing. I've been doing BodyPump and BodyFlow and they seem to be more my style. I had an instructor tell me that I should never do a class that I don't love because then I won't do it, and I think it's true.

So glad you love it though! Just goes to show that we are all so unique, eh?

FancyHorse said...

Looks like fun!