Monday, December 6, 2010

My morning wake up

Seeing as we are 10 hours ahead of EST, I get to wake up a little early when my Steelers play an evening game.
I haven't posted about them much this year,
but last night's win was another great game between these two tough hitting football teams. I still have watched every game though I may not have enlightened you with the stats like I used to do!

My Steelers came out with the win and the lead in the AFC North:
Steelers 13
Baltimore Ravens 10

This was an important game, partially, it always is since Baltimore is in our division, but also because this year both teams were with 8 wins, 3 losses. This helped decide who is the leader going into the last few games before the playoffs.

I am excited also because we are going to the game on the 23rd against the Carolina Panthers.
It should be cold, and I am hoping for snow....I really want to be sitting in the stadium with snow flurries! I know, I am crazy right?! But that is Steeler football to me...
snowy, cold, rough and strong defense!
Go Steelers!


mythopolis said...

Well, I hope the Steelers win, but just to make it interesting, I will root for the Panthers. The South shall rise again! : )

Anonymous said...

Well, BG you are for sure the most die hard Steelers fan I have ever met, and trust me... I have met a few!!

Best of luck on the game with Carolina... I wish I was there with you to root your Steelers on.

Surfer Dude!!

Nicole said...

Glad you can still follow their progress and glad you get to see them soon :-)

BLOGitse said...

I'm sorry but Steelers is just a word for me. sorrrryyy...
But it's great if you get joy and energy from they games! :)