Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Airport Story #2 and #3

We did not make the flight...
not even close.

Ok here is how it played out:
the flight was supposed to leave Atyrau at 9:30.
We had a connection in Istanbul to London at 1:10.

When I realized we would not make the connection I got on the phone to make the inevitable change. We switched to a flight at 4:40...
for the measly fare of over $2,700.

Well, we missed that connection by 14 minutes. Yes, we were delayed in Atyrau for 7 hours. The flight left Atyrau at 4:30 and arrived in Istanbul at 4:40 (due to time change differences, these are all times local to the landing city). By the time I got to the transfer desk, they informed me that British Airways left 14 minutes before. Now, I am not sure why they didn't check for incoming passengers, seeing as we already had our boarding, I know of at least 2 more people expecting to go on that flight.

Anyways, got on the phone again, mind you, with roaming charges on a cell phone (can't wait to see that bill, NOT). They were nice ladies that were helping us luckily. They switched us to a Turkish Airways flight, costing somewhere close to $1,000. We got into London at 10:30 at no Lion King, no Eye...
just a hotel, midnight snack of cookies and ice cream and to sleep for barely 5 hours to wake up for the next flight.

Woke up for breakfast at 5...and woke up is relative, seeing as I woke up every half hour through the night anyways. Had breakfast and went to Heathrow Airport. Fairly calm sailing until...
the attendant could not find the flight for us to NY. So, we went to the ticketing desk for help. They claim that when the flights were being switched, they transferred us to a British Airways flight to NY around the same time. Once again, they were nice ladies and helped us get back onto our original flight to NY on American Airlines. Relatively simple right?
Well, seemed so...until we went to collect our bags in NY (you have to collect your bags when entering the 1st US city from an International destination...even if they are checked through to your final destination) bags.
So, we mosey on over to the luggage desk, and they inform us that the bags are still in London, waiting for a flight to Chicago that will get them in there at 9:30 in the evening. Then at this point, they will send them on to Pittsburgh...
seriously people, this has not been the best trip for me.
Now, my family is incredibly calm and understanding, but I am not that calm.

I am looking forward to getting to Pittsburgh and relaxing, but then, I guess I have to do some early Christmas shopping, (or quick laundry), until our bags arrive.

'tis the season


mythopolis said...

That is the craziest thing I have heard in a good while. Hope it works out for the best. But, aren't you ready to settle into a cozy little place somewhere, and say, "Been there, done that"? Peace and love! Dan

My Wv is fubblot, which I guess is sorta like Camelot, but it keeps getting fubbed up.

Anonymous said...

And now you have to look forward to the return trip, huh?

Sounds like more adventures are to come.


Surfer dude!

Betty said...

Sounds very familiar to me. International travel is ALWAYS a hassle!! Hope you get some rest, now that you´re home.

FancyHorse said...

Oh, what a nightmare! I'm so sorry! I hope you can rest once you're settled where you need to be.