Monday, November 8, 2010

Book Review: Angels in My Hair

I have to write to tell you all about a wonderful book by Lorna Byrne called:
"Angels in My Hair"

It is Lorna's personal story of her experiences with the Angels and God. I know some of you are doubting me already, but I loved this book.
It spoke to me personally, touching on a few subjects that are close to my heart.

I recommend it and hope that you can see after reading this book, that we all have our Angel with us, and we just need to talk to them to let them know that we believe.
Maybe if more of us talked with our Angel,listened to our Angel, we could learn about how to get along.

There is so much war and hurt in this world; so much wrongdoing from one human being against another....we need to figure out how to live in peace with one another, respecting each other, loving each other.


mythopolis said...

I like the way ABBA described angels in a song:

"I believe in angels, something good in everyone I see."

BLOGitse said...

I wish all world leaders and business people would stop talking and come down on earth where people are suffering every day.
Money matters far too much for those who already have enough. But those who don't have bread or place to sleep or are abused need help. Now.
I'm sorry but thinking about angels doesn't help those people. We need action.

mythopolis said...

I hate to tell you, BLOGitse, but you are an angel for thinking such thoughts, having such hopes! : )

Anonymous said...

The way I see our planet's people are in different places in evolution... Evolution towards being civilized human beings.
The same way that we can't expect a father to chose preserving a tree over feeding his starving children until we provide an alternative for him, we should not expect greed and envy to be eradicated from the hearts of our leaders if all we demand from them is the next fix to our selfish interests if all we hold them accountable for is "what they have done for me in the last year or two".

You go BG!!! Only people on their way to be civilized can appreciate that each of us is capable of being selfish, but also capable of making sublime sacrifices for the sake of other human beings.

Surfer Dude!!

Ballerina Girl said...

well said, Surfer Dude :)