Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday's Fave five

This is my first time to do this Friday post...
I just have some really great things that happened this week, so I wanted to share them all with you!

1. My husband gets home today after a long 2 weeks without him. The kids and I are not used to him traveling anymore...he used to travel more often, so this felt like a really long one!

2. I played a couple of the -opoly games this weekend with my kids. We played Animalopoly and Oceanopoly. What a blast we had together. We were all giggling and having fun. This way, no one cares if they win or lose, it's all about the fun times spent together.

3. I went to confession this past Sunday after a long time. It felt really right with my favorite priest. He has such an aura of calmness about him that I felt he was the right one to confess with; and I was right. He gave me such a feeling of what I imagine every priest should give in confession...that we all make mistakes, and it is what we do afterwards to show our true remorse and self betterment.

4. The weather has become beautiful after all the torrential rain. The sun is shining, but the air is crisp. It is so enjoyable to walk my dog or play tennis.

5. We are getting ready for a long weekend next week. There is a holiday on Wednesday and Friday; so the school gave off Thursday too! We are going with two other families on a mini trip about an hour and a half away. We rented a house close to the beach to enjoy these last days of summer! More to come on this...

Happy weekend everyone!


mythopolis said...

Ha ha! You seem happy! That makes me happy too! Thanks!

Susanne said...

Welcome to FFF!

Sounds like you had some really nice moments in your week. A holiday getaway with family is always awesome. I wish we could take more of them.

I had game playing with my kids too. Even though mine are teens and older it's still fun to play a game with them and laugh.

Have a great weekend!

Booklassie said...

I haven't heard of those two "opoly" games before but it sounds like you had fun. We always enjoyed playing games with our children and we still do, even now that they are all grown. Welcome to the Friday Fave Five bunch.

Karyn said...

welcome to FFF! Hope you come again!

Your list is full of the real blessings in life and I enjoyed reading it.

I love the photos below of your favorite market!

PJ said...

I Enjoyed catching up with your activities...and thoughts...have a lovely holiday weekend!!

Betty said...

I like that you joined the Fave five crowd. It´s good to remember the nice things in life. I should do it again too.
Enjoy your long weekend! Can´t wait to see pics of that.

Laura said...

Welcoming your hubby home will be fun! And board games with the kids are some of my best memories.

Glad your visit to church left you with peace. Oh, grace -- where would we be without it?

The trip sounds great -- but sure to share when you return. Welcome to FFF, and have a great weekend.

Fabiola said...

Lovely post!!!

I am jealous you found a priest that inspires you. I am still looking for.

I know the feeling about waiting for the Hubby to come home on Friday night. I am so happy Paulo will be home for 1,5 weeks with no traveling and I will be home for 2 weeks with no traveling. The last time that we were both home at the same time for 2 weeks (with any kind of sickness involved), it was February 2009.

Can you believe it?

Happy Weekend and Have a wonderful week. I am hoping for great pics with the new camera ; )

Brenda said...

Is it still warm enough to enjoy the beach? We were there one year towards the end of March and it was cooish.

Welcome to FFF! This is a fun thing to do each week, I hope you continue.

Jientje said...

This is a great post BG, I enjoyed reading aout your week. It's a happy one. And I'm glad the weather has finally become normal again.
Have a great weekend!