Monday, February 1, 2010

Just another Sunday....

that is,
Just another Sunday during the lead up to Carnaval!

Please give me feedback of the video, since this is the first time I am trying to put a video on my posts!
Thank you...enjoy :)


mythopolis said...

Hi BG! (Or will you transform into Lash Girl for Carnival?) : ) I think the video definitely conveys the kind of collective energy that celebrations evoke. I do wish that "Blogger" would incorporate a click to enlarge feature. Now, if I am mistaken, and there is a way to click on this and make it go full screen, I hope someone will tell me how. Oooh, wish I could go there once. So, you must give us regular reports!

Brenda said...

You did a great job with that. Its amazing to see how many people participate! I've never been, but its fun to see your version of it.

Alexandre - RJ said...

This is just a test for the carnival. A preview of the carnival, called "pre-carnival".

BLOGitse said...

It's better (for me anyway who reads tons of blogs per day) it's better to have more often but shorter.

Average stay on a blog is about 2 minutes. That's what people have time to watch/explore/read + comment...

Less is more.

It's great to see your world and especially how pre partying looks/feels from your balcony!

We want more but shorter please!

Betty said...

Is this filmed from your apartment? I would go crazy if that was in front of my house!! AMAZING how many people are there!!
Loved the video. Bring on more!

Gabriela said...

Good video!

Thanks to some blocos on Saturday night I was in a cab to 1 mile and it took 25 minutes (I had heels on or I obviously would have just walked. I should have taken flip flops and switched. Duh)

Fabiola said...

I used to love Mardi Gras, but nowadays I just want the holiday to rest ; )

When are you coming to SP? How long are you staying?
When you have the details send me an e-mail and we can figure out a way to meet. I would love to meet you and Gabriela in person.