Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Random Dozen

1. Gingerbread: For or against? Discuss.
Neither....I do not like the taste of gingerbread, but that doesn't mean I don't like it...
can't we all just get along this Christmas season :)
2. Is it important to you to always stay (live) close to family?
Stay and live are 2 different things for me...
Stay close to my family, yes, but living close is not possible right now
3. Which holiday pretend character do you wish really existed?
I wish ? wait, are they pretend? I believe in Santa and his reindeer!
4. Which holiday movie best represents how you feel about Christmas or life?
I like "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" because it represents change. You can change into a better person, Christmas IS more than just gifts and all we need is love :)
5. Is there a particular Christmas song that you're enjoying now? Any that you're tired of?
My kids and I are loving Mr. Heatmeister and my all time favorite is Silent Night, sung by many different artists. They all have their own unique twist. Tired of? Not really... since I finished dancing the Nutcracker...that used to be what I got tired of hearing in the stores, but not any more!
6. What is your favorite way to remember those less fortunate at Christmastime?
We sponsor an orphanage here in Rio. this year, though I will not be here for the party they are having, I donated a cute doll (what she asked for) for a little girl named Flaviana.
7. Does it upset you to see "Xmas" instead of Christmas? How about "Happy Holidays" etc., instead of "Merry Christmas?"
Happy Holidays is fine because I like to respect the different cultures and religions. xmas is only ok in a short email or text to get my point across quickly.
8. How many Christmas programs are you attending this month?
One for my children's school, and then hopefully something when we travel to the States.
9. Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Any chance of that dream becoming a reality?
I always dream of a white Christmas, and yes it could be a reality! They are predicting snow next week for Pittsburgh!
10. Tell me about a Christmas present you received as a child. Pics are always nice.
I remember receiving, (and finding before Christmas), a Barbie 3 floor condo!
11. How many Christmas parties are you attending this month?
hhmmm....1 with the ladies that are all from my husband's company, and then family!
12. How do you keep yourself centered on the significance of Christmas?
I love to take my kids to see nativities and by continuing to go to church. I look forward to Midnight (moved to 10, which really bothers me) Mass too!


Kim said...

Home for Christmas! How fun :-) Our daughter flies down today to visit -- can hardly wait! Hope you get snow for Christmas :-) I'll just enjoy the pretty pictures. lol

Merry Christmas!

SouthLakesMom said...

Barbie Condo -- wow, I always wanted that. I had Dawn, Barbie's poor friend. ;-)

By the way, the green is REALLY hard to read against the pink. It may affect the number of comments you get as people might not stick around to the end. Just a heads-up.

Susanne said...

We used to attend midnight mass when I was a kid all the time too. I think they've moved it to ten oclock here too.

I remember a Barbie condo too.

Jessie at Blog Schmog said...

I like the Grinch too my kids used to call him the Scrunch or the Scrinch :) depending on who you asked. They would actually argue about who was right. It was hilarious!

Amy said...

Heatmiser and Coldmiser were my favorite parts as a kid...

I loved my Barbie Country Camper.

Great answers

lailani said...

I had the Barbie Condo too! And it made my list also. I noticed Amy had the camper also, I had one of those, but my brother played with it more (he would die if he knew I was telling people that).