Friday, October 2, 2009

Now I know

He was telling the truth...remind me to trust him when he says he is sick next time!
He came into our room around 2:30 am last night and has been "getting it out of his system" ever since. Poor thing!

He is disappointed too because today was the celebration for Children's Day at his school. They celebrate children every year here in Brasil, which is such a nice reminder of how precious our little ones are. They have what they call the Ice Cream Social, with lots of ice cream, toppings and usually a clown or two! The best part for the kids, and of course one of the many idiosyncrasies that I do not understand about our school, is that they give them the ice cream right before lunch.
I have tried with this issue and many others with the PTA to change this, but they do not change here. They are so stuck to their traditions and can't see the downside of feeding them ice cream before their lunch. Oh well, I tried!

Yesterday I was "called in" to the Lower School Principal's office. There is a big stink going on right now, and I guess they thought I instigated it! hahaha
One of the concerns we have this year in particular, is the student-teacher ratio. We feel that for the amount of money we are paying, (you don't even want to know), we are getting a typical public school number. There is MUCH less one on one time for our children this year.
So, I sat down with her and "talked" about what I am seeing. At least she was courteous to ask me, but it still rains upon deaf ears. She "listened and took into consideration" my concerns, but like everything else, there will not be anything done about it.

I guess this has turned into a rant about the school....sorry, but I need to get it of my chest. I have to say that my kids are happy, but I am worried about their levels for the next school we go to. Let's see what happens...


Fabiola said...

I hope he feels better for the weekend (which in São Paulo looks like we will have some sun after all).
One thing that it is used in these cases in Brazil is Agua de Coco. It helps to keep the person hydrated.


mythopolis said...

I hope your son is feeling better. Does the school, like those here, have a school board? If a number of parents expressed to them this concern, perhaps they would take some steps to improve the ratio. Has enrollment increased and staff numbers stayed the same? Of course, the board's response might be that it would be necessary to raise the tuition. It seems that parents should have the right to see a break down of where their money is going lately. Good luck.

Stephanie said...

Poor thing! Hope he feels better soon! Stomach issues are so yucky! sorry about the school issues!

2Thinks said...

I am behind on my blog reading and am catching up today. I hope your son is better now. As for the post about Rio and the Olympics, it was lost on me. I think I need to read the newspaper or something. I'll do that.

I love the blog background here.