Tuesday, September 22, 2009

5 words

My friend Betty sent me these 5 words. I believe they are random words that the sender chooses to have the person write about. Here are my 5 that she gave to me:

1. Home School
I feel that formalized home schooling is not for me. I can see the benefits if one is in a place where the formal educational system is not up to par, but other than that, I am not sure I understand why people choose to home school. (sorry, just giving my true thoughts) I find that social interaction is an integral part in how a child grows, where they learn important skills to help them succeed in a work environment....now that is not to say that a home-schooled child will not succeed...I am sure they will.
Now, on a more casual side...a child learns from home so many valuable pieces of information...their morals, unconditional love, how to act responsibly with their money, and so much more. So, in some sense, a home is also a school of learning!

2. Summer
This is my season! I do like all of the others because of one reason or another, but I thrive in the sun! I like heat, humidity, and everything that comes with summer. Of course my favorite activity, scuba diving, is best done in the sun.
Summer is when one can let oneself go....and that is how I like to live my life, as a whole!

3. Noisy
Noisy to me is annoying. Now, I like loud music, and even got used to talking above loud music from living in Venezuela. That is not what I consider noisy....noisy to me is when there is a lot of unnecessary interference of noise. I can hold many conversations at once, and maybe this is contradictory to what I perceive as noise too! Noisy to me is when there is something that I don't want to listen to trying to grab my attention....and then it's just noise to me. Did I explain that well?

4. Maid
Hahaha, this one makes me laugh! Maids....oh, where to begin.
Living overseas has given me the opportunity to work with maids. In Venezuela I actually had two maids. One I kept for 5 days, the other for the rest of the 4 1/2 years that we lived there. The 5 day maid just didn't work out. I knew it from the beginning, and feel that I can sense if she is the right person to be involved in my household right from the first meeting. The other maid turned out to be great for the first 3- 3 1/2 years. I should have sensed what was coming, but after that long, I felt a tie to her that was very hard to break. She started living with us (and her daughter) after about a year. She worked really hard, walked my dog if needed, watched the children when needed, and generally worked out fine. It was just towards the end where things started to go a little off. She got greedy and expected many things to just come her way.
I won't go into too much more detail in this post, but it ended up not being very good at the end, but at least we parted with kind words. My maid here in Brasil only comes 2 days a week...for 2 reasons: First, I didn't want the attachment problems I had with the other maid, and second, if they work over 2 days then they are entitled to many bonuses that we chose not to get involved with. We take care of our maid here, she stays in my house when we are away...only for my animals! Her cleaning could be better, but when you find someone that you trust and is more than willing to help out, even if just for the animals, well....it has worked for us! (Plus, we give her our own bonuses that she prefers to receive directly from us!)

5. Traffic
I have absolutely no patience for traffic. Period.

Hope you all enjoyed it!
Now, back to reading the second book of The Hunger Games...Catching Fire! Can you say addictive?


BLOGitse said...

Your 5s could almost be mine!
We've neved had a maid living with us - I want to have my privacy.
Traffic. Hahah...in Cairo...a nightmare!

But I'm glad to be back - at home.
Pls come to my blog and tell where your home is!

Have a great rest of the week!

Betty said...

Great post! And so interesting. I chose the word maid on purpose, because almost everybody has a maid in South America. And I wanted to see what your opinion was. Sounds very much like mine. My maid comes twice a week as well and I could never have someone else living with me. I need my privacy.
Thanks for participating!

Fabiola said...

What a wonderful post...


Stephanie said...

How interesting :) And I completely agree with your view on homeschooling :)

Gabriela said...

I can't believe how few maids you've had. We've gone through a LOT. In our 10 months in Mexico City we had 6. It would have been 7 had we stayed a moment longer.

i'm with you on homeschooling. But I'd have to go with spring or fall as my season (too bad I haven't gotten either in 10 years). And traffic. Never move to Mex. City.

See you tomorrow!

P.S. so sorry about your creamer. I HATE when things run out.

Brenda said...

That was fun. I can totally relate to you on the maid thing. When my kids were growing up in Peru, I always had full time, live in maids, and my kids were spoiled rotten! But they turned out OK and we all survived the maids. Its such an interesting challenge.

2Thinks said...

I like to read the five words lists, so was glad to run upon yours tonight while catching up on blog reading.

I think I am a 5 day maid. I work in our home to clean it and do laundry about 5 days out of every 7, all year long, every year, for about 23 years running now. :) Low pay.

Home Schooling. Ahh. Home Schooling. Who can explain it, really. It's insane. It's a blessing. It's a roller coaster ride. I am in my twelfth year. The schools around here are blue ribbon winners. Our kids are all extremely outgoing and always going out! Ha. They played all kinds of sports, instruments, were in theater productions all the time, worked, taught music lessons, ran small businesses during high school, volunteered in the community. It would make your head spin.

Oldest one works as a director of youth ministries, full time, for a local church and takes kids on outback treks in the summers.

19 year old lives and works 3 jobs in California.

youngest is a senior- home schooled.

I don't know if I'd do it over the same way, or not.

Heidi@2 Thinks to Share

FancyHorse said...

Home schooling had not started to get popular when my kids were in school. I don't know that I would have had the patience to do it.

I like what you said about noise - if I like it, it's not "noise" to me! Ha, ha!

BLOGitse said...

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