Tuesday, August 11, 2009


For my friends who have never tried the delicious treat of smores...

You make it like a sandwich....

Graham cracker or some other similar cookie, such as a vanilla cookie
Chocolate, I like a dark chocolate
Marshmallow, roasted to your taste (Myth, I am with you, almost burnt)
Graham cracker



Betty said...

Ok, this is for me, right? :) Now all I need is Graham crackers.... :)

Stephanie said...

Sidnei was none too happy when I told him about s'mores. We never had them while he was in the US with me and he wants to know why! Haha, I'll have to have someone send some provisions!

2Thinks said...

You can even put the marshmallow and a piece of chocolate on a graham cracker and place it in the microwave. It puffs up huge. Then put the top on and wahla- an indoor s'more!

Jientje said...

Drooling over the keyboard now, this sounds delicious!

Fabiola said...

This sounds really YUMMY!!!


mythopolis said...

HI BG! Missing you lately....hope you are busy with fun stuff!

Joyfulsister said...

Hey Sistah BG,
How are you doing!! I have missed you and thought I'd stop by your house to say heloooo lol. Geesh it'a been awhile huh?. Well I just want you to know I just found my way back here after my computer went to cyber heaven :(
Praying you are well and let em know how you are doing okay. you know I'm just a click away!!!

Hugz Lorie