Thursday, August 6, 2009

I almost forgot...

I knew there was something that I was forgetting!
Thanks to Gabriela and her blog for reminding me...

Remember from blog's past....
there is almost always something at the airport to write about!

This return trip found me with my two kids, my parents and my sister and her son all traveling on the same route...7 people.

7 people + 2 suitcases (per person) =
trouble with the agent!

Well, I am a well experienced traveler, knowing the rules, checking them fervently on the day before, if not on the day of travel, even going to the extreme of printing the rules!

So, I went, assured that Brazil is still in battle with the airlines, but none the less, allowing 70 lbs. per bag, 2 checked, per person.

Sounds simple, right?
I got the same lady that always gives us trouble.

Mind you, I was almost positive that no bag was over 70 lbs. I have gotten very good at the, kill your back but check the weight simply by lifting method.
Sure enough, we were a handful with 14 suitcases, but hey...
I obey by the rules!

Well, she informed me in her haughty attitude that she would only allow up to 50 lbs. I said, no...
I checked this morning, and we are allowed 70 lbs still.
She tried to confirm with another agent and she said, nope, only 50. Well, maybe I could allow you up to 61 lbs.
Nope...did she not hear me?

I said, Ma'am, that I am allowed 70 and I will not pay for any of the 3 out of 14 bags that were over 61 lbs. Well, you will have to she replied!

So, I pull out my handy dandy cell phone, call the agency and sure enough, they confirmed the 70 lbs. They were quite surprised that the agent wasn't allowing this, and even asked me if I was at the airport talking to one!
So, I kindly asked if they could explain this to the agent behind the counter.
At which point, I handed her the phone, to which she says, I don't even know who I am talking with, so I will not allow over 61.

Again, did you not hear me? So, I asked to speak to a supervisor.
She said, well, let me see if he even wants to deal with this.

Excuse me? I said, well, he will have to talk to me if I request him.
So she huffed and puffed back behind the scenes.

He comes out, looking a bit apologetic, and scrolled through the computer, like they always do...
(yes, mind you, this is not the first time this has happened to me in my 2 years living here in Brazil...and even with the same agent, hahaha!)

He informs her that the company is in negotiations (which they have been in for the two years that I have lived here!), and yes, they were required by Brazilian law to allow 70 lbs even though that is not their policy!

So, let's do some simple math again....

2 suitcases at up 70lbs each + 7 people =

14 suitcases and a happy BG!


Gabriela said...

That gets my blood pressure up just reading it. So, did she come back out and finish checking you in? We're you like, "In your face!"? I don't think Continental's in negotiations, they never have given us that hard of a time, ususally it's just some agent who hasn't checked in anyone traveling to Brazil and they yell over to the next agent and they say, "yep, 70 lbs to Brazil".

May this be one Brazil "problem" that is solved while we live here. :)

Betty said...

OOOOH I wish I could have been there listening to you! I love it when people don´t back down and stand up for themselves! Good for you!!!
I want to travel with you next time... :)

mythopolis said...

I don't know if that was you are not, in the situation. This looks more like the work of 'The Lash'!!!! : ) Never fear, The Lash is here!

Gabriela said...

I meant one Brazilian problem that is NOT solved while we are here. Did you get that? Sorry. Still jet-lagged.

lailani said...

You did good! Way to hang in there and stand up for what should not have been such a big issue.

Nicole said...

Oh crap.
Isn't this always fun...?!

GutsyWriter said...

You sound like me when I travel. I insist on what I've heard and then they change it when I get to the airport. The same happened when traveling with my dog to Belize. I got so mad at Continental Airlines.

BLOGitse said...

oooh, what a pain! good you didn't give up!
have a nice weekend! :)