Friday, July 10, 2009

A Funny for Friday

I thought this was so funny.

I found this "Living" Basil is the grocery store the other day...

boy, am I glad it wasn't dead! We would have a crisis in the grocery store!
AAAAHHHH, mass confusion in the vegetable aisle. The basil is dead, I repeat, the basil is DEAD!

Well, luckily, that was only my imagination because the basil is "Living"!


Gabriela said...

:) I think the word they were looking for was FRESH. Probably not a native speaker, eh? It totally reminds me of something I would do in Portuguese (and never realize it of course).

Miss you! You're going "home" soon aren't you? We'll be leaving 3 weeks from today.

BLOGitse said...

Long live living basil! :)

mythopolis said...

When you take the living Basil home, what is considered the proper and humane way to kill it? Or do you eat it alive? : )

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi BG, Living basil as opposed to basil just picked and laying there...I guess. LOL. I have thoroughly enjoyed our basil this summer. So far we have had a fine supper with pesto made from the fresh picked "living" basil. Yumm...good! xo Lynn

Fabiola said...

I have to agree with Gabriela. This is not a native speaker, but it is way too fun!!

I know you are having a blessed time with your family.

By the way, how is your mom doing?

I am still in Paris and I am trying to find time to blog. Well, between hectic work schedule and sightseeing there is not too much time left ; )

Have a nice Sunday,


NicoleB said...

Now, they can be glad it didn't start to walk away, no?

PJ said...

Probably a non-native speaker....on the other hand, some organic enthusiasts claim that meat is "dead" (I hope so. I don't want my steak to moo!), but that fruit and vegetables are "living" fresh tomatoes, fresh lettuce, fresh basil. And "they" say we need to eat more "living" food.

I'm with you....I'd rather eat "dead" basil than "living"!!!

Yaelian said...

Hola!Found my way here through the blog of Blogitse and noticed, that you mentioned the awful traffic in Venezuela.Well, I lived there too, in Caracas in 2004-2005 and the traffic there really was horrendous at times....
Great that your basil is alive!

2Thinks said...

I love Basil and your funny take on the grocery store sign.

Glad to find your blog. Visit me sometime. I see you follow Jientje! Love her pics!


GutsyWriter said...

That is very funny. Do they write this in English in a Brazilian store? Surely not?