Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The art of burnt toast....
I excel in this art form.

I forget that I have actually put something in our broken toaster oven.  As you can see, we have a knob broken off, plus the timer inside takes way longer than needed to turn off.  

So what do we do?
We use these pliers to turn it on, 

then plug it in, wait for the toast to finish and unplug it.  Usually, about 15 minutes later, you hear the ding even though you have already eaten your toast, washed the dishes and have moved onto something else. 

My problem is that I get involved in something else and forget that the bread is in there.  Did you know that bread can actually catch on fire?  Well, I do :)
Here is the first try from this morning.  See the smoke?

Then the second was about the same (yes, I know... how could I let it happen again!  but really, it was so quick to burn the second time!)

Finally, my breakfast.  3rd time is the charm right?!
These fruit on my plate look a lot like tomatoes, but they are called Caqui.  They are a delicious, juicy, sweet fruit that I have seen nowhere else but here.

Hope your breakfast was a little simpler than mine!  Buen provecho!


Scriber's Web said...

That is too funny. My toaster oven has a knob missing too:)

Gabriela said...

Honey-you need a new toaster!

We use pliers to turn our bedroom AC on and off.

I'm so glad I re-tried caqui this year-last year I tried one that was not ripe. Not a good experience. I needed to scrape my tounge off for about a 1/2 hour. But this year I started off with a good one and I'm hooked!

mythopolis said...

I think you get funniest blog of the day on this one! I have a friend who makes a cake she calls "seven fires cake" because the first seven times she tried to make it, it caught fire in the oven! : )

Sonja said...

I'm with Gabriela--you need a new toaster pronto!

I'd love to try Caqui..I wonder if the specialty produce shop we have in town carries it? It does look like tomato!

NicoleB said...

I love Caquis, but they never have this colour over here.

You wanna know what I did the other day?


I wanted to boil eggs. Easy, right?
I put them in a pot, filled with water, turned on the oven and went outside to read in my hammock.
The first plop didn't really irritate me, the second one startled me, the third one made me go and look.
On my way I remembered the egss. Well, eggs on your white ceiling and splattered all over the kitchen. Not good.
Did you know eggs can burn? Mine almost did ;)

Betty said...

This made me smile, because it is totally what I would be doing too! I always would forget!! But I guess you really like toast...
We have Caqui here too, but they are not quite as red. I´ve never tasted them though... :)

lailani said...

That so sounds like something I would do! I over cook pasta all the time for that very reason - I get preoccupied. Your final breakfast did look good though!

Fabiola said...

You really need a new toaster...

And I don´t like caquis. Paulo can eat 1/2 dozen of them in one time...


PS: If you get one that is not that ripe, you can put one drop of alcool (the cleaning product) in th middle of the leave and it gets ripe overnight.

FancyHorse said...

I'm glad you *finally* got your breakfast!

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mythopolis said...

Oh Nicole, I have blown up some boiled eggs too!

NicoleB said...

That make me feel better, mytho :)