Sunday, November 16, 2008


Yesterday we went to Arraial do Cabo to dive.We took the kids for the first time on a dive excursion. They had a really good time watching how it all worked.
The water was cold...on the first dive it was not so bad because around 15-25 feet the sun was penetrating enough that it was warmer. Once you went below there it was cold! The second dive was just plain C.O.L.D.
On the surface, below...wherever just cold. We saw some really nice sea fans blowing in the surge, a turtle, trumpetfish, jellyfish, puffer fish, angel fish, sea horse, tangs, trunk fish, and a few others that I do not know the names of! The newest type that I saw and learned the name was the False flying is a foto: it was beautiful...had great colors in it's "wings" of blue/purple.
My camera's flash did not work, so the blue saturated the color of the fotos. Especially underwater you need a flash. The colors are overshadowed by blue when you do not have one :(, like me yesterday! I must get it fixed before we go to the Maldives in December!


Jodi said...

WOW, those are awesome pictures. Diving seems like so much fun. I've never done that. I never even snorkeled.

Hope you have a nice Sunday!

lizzy-loo said...

so jealous!! great pics. sounds like the kids will be joining you before you know it.

Marina said...

I have never been diving too but the water looks so pretty and the pictures are really nice. Hope you have a nice day it looks like you all are having summer ") marina

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

It's another whole world down there isn't it? Fabulous photos.

Gabriela said...


You went diving? Yesterday??? Ummmm, we could all do that sometime together.

I hate cold dives though. I am a totaly baby in cold water.

that false flying fish is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow--you are brave. I am a bit clasterphobic and feel afraid to dive. Looks amazing! I'll enjoy it through you. Thanks1

Calandria said...

That is so cool that you dive and take pictures and everything. My kids want to learn but it doesn't make much sense here in Minnesota. I'm going to tell them that if we ever move to Brazil, they can all learn. ;-)

ann said...

When I first read that you went diving, I thought, "Lucky! BG gets to be all nice and warm..." then I read on heehee!

You go on the most awesome adventures!!!

Carol said...

I SO envy your ability to dive. I'm afraid to. When my husband goes, I sit on the boat!! Totally beautiful photos!