Thursday, August 22, 2013

Coming back to an old friend

Just coming back to an old friend that never was quite lost, just a little neglected.  I left because I was worn down by the feel that I needed to come up with something creative....something to entertain...
When really, all I need to do is write down a few thoughts.  Share my memories being made.

Summer days are winding down to an end.

Summer has been glorious. Diving, dolphins, sharks, octopus, visitors, special moments to is everything our summers bring in our special house.  We have new steps into our waters...

Just waiting for us to dive into the salty water.  It is our refuge, our home.

But alas, it is coming to an end...these sultry summer days.  Our lives are taking a different path this that is exciting and excruciating all at the same time.  Our family will live apart while our son attends boarding school in the US. It will be a change that will be hard to deal with, yet, giving him an incredible opportunity. Lets take this path and see where it leads us.....but for now, lets just enjoy the sun setting and the last days of summer!


BLOGitse said...

I know, easy to say, but you will manage. I've experienced two nest leavings - time and keeping busy helps.
Later you will enjoy your 'free' life :)
I can't imagine you're leaving your lovely home, amazing place! I would stay there all year round.
Take care!

larkswing said...

Not all your pics will load on my computer at work, but the last one did - BEAUTIFUL!! May the transition be smooth!

Ballerina Girl said...

Sorry about the pics...they came out too big, but I have fixed the problem (I hope!) for the next post!

Francesca said...

sending warm wishing as your family begins a new chapter!