Thursday, January 26, 2012


Ohhh, it's a good day here if you like the snow!
The flakes are falling. Even though they are fine and seem like just twinkles in the air, they are accumulating on the ground.
The weather forecast is calling for much more snow to fall throughout the weekend.

Perfect days to for me to snuggle in near the fire and watch some amazing tennis from the Australian Open!

I love the purity of the white snow and how fresh it makes the ground look.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


Stephanie said...

The snow is beautiful!!! I was hoping some snow would fall while I was home...but I was outta luck on that one! My favorite thing is the sound when snow falls...the complete stillness and silence is beautiful :)

BG-hopefully I can get to Rio soon. It is on my goals for 2012!! I did sit in the airport for 10 hours wishing to get out and go explore, but I was on standby and didn't. I should have since I didn't get my earlier flight!!

mythopolis said...

Nice! Here, I'm missing far it has just been an unusually warm mostly rain. One good beautiful snow is all I'm wishing for.